The world of sales is changing, we find ourselves in a highly competitive environment, which demands innovation. Sales processes are no longer controlled by the business or the sales team, but rather, faced with so many options, the personalised buying experience and technologies in favour of increasing your sales are fundamental.

If you are wondering what are these innovative solutions that support you to keep you in the market and on par with your competitors? If you need a partner to take your physical space to the next level, through technological tools: read on, today's article may be useful for you.

Help your sales team improve conversion

Technologies have changed the way customers choose and consume the products or services that meet their needs. At the same time, they have also revolutionised the way in which shopping experiences are delivered and the ways in which sales are achieved. One of the challenges for retail, then, is to determine how to start going digital, while avoiding using inappropriate techniques or tools that result in losses for the business.

To achieve this, it is crucial not to lose sight of the main objective behind its implementation: technology applied to sales must provide relevant information, clear analysis and automate complex processes so that the sales team can focus on what it should focus on: growing sales. Of course, it will be necessary to determine the main areas where you want to improve and find tools that serve that purpose.

What are the right solutions to increase sales that are quick to implement and easy to use?

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Use a recommendation engine to sell more

Recommendation engines collect and analyse information, both internal and contextual, in order to anonymously profile different customer groups and understand their real needs. These insights can come from behaviour in the physical space, from user interactions on an omni-channel level, or from external agents. Once the recommendation engine has all the data it needs, using intelligent algorithms, it makes personalised recommendations, suggesting the relevant products and services.

Recommendation engines increase your sales because they are the key to delivering a personalised experience. With an automated tool like this, customers can have a buying experience that meets their expectations, or surpasses them. While the sales team can focus exclusively on building a relationship with customers, speeding up decision-making, closing the purchase and enticing them to come back for repeat purchases, or even getting them to buy more than what they had in mind when they came to the shop.

5 benefits of using recommendation engines in your shop

  • Optimisation of marketing and sales plans
  • Relevant messages at the right time
  • Cross-selling of products
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Increased revenue

What other strategies and tools exist to increase your sales?

Many physical shops are still reluctant or struggle to merge the digital and offline worlds. A blended marketing strategy increases your sales because it takes into account customer interactions across different channels or touch points. They accompany and follow consumers in the cloud and on the ground.

Clustering becomes a fundamental part of it, by categorising customer data and segmenting them, giving a clear view of different interests and allowing you to create appropriate content for different audiences. Trade marketing helps in the relationship between wholesalers and retailers, allowing them to better coordinate and make the most of the relationship. Taking advantage of these marketing formulas is possible with different software and technologies such as the following.

ERP (or Enterprise Resource Planning)

The main functions of an ERP system, as implicit in its name, focus on analysis and planning. It is a very complete software that organizes business information to interact and flow harmoniously, optimizing processes and detecting current consumption trends. Why this type of software is important:

  • Unify systems and databases
  • Increases confidence in metrics
  • Optimises employee time
  • Improves collaboration
  • Facilitates decision making and planning
  • Enables greater monitoring
  • Increases customer satisfaction

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CRM (or Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is the practices, analytics and technologies aimed at managing customer relationships. The software, specifically, using data from different business channels, is ideal for engaging customers and building customer loyalty by anticipating their needs. At the same time, it allows sales teams to have an exact notion of the sales process, if there are any blockages in the funnel, giving interesting data that open up new sales possibilities, etc.

Increase your sales by 30% with Ladorian

From Ladorian, we propose you to increase your sales thanks to a better decision making based on suitable technological solutions. We accompany you through the whole process, even to get financing. We have different tools to solve different problems, which are adapted to different businesses and sectors.

We have experience in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, supermarkets, petrol stations and more. For each of our clients we have developed a unique plan aligned with their objectives and needs. For example, with the recommendation engine we can show different product ads for each customer while they are shopping. With our intelligent software we can predict refueling patterns at petrol stations or improve the brand image of a pharmacy. Find out more about some of the top-tier customers who already trust us.

Increasing sales with Ladorian is simple, affordable and the return on investment is fast. Ask our sales team if you would like a demo. We will be happy to help you create a strategic plan to increase your business revenue using state-of-the-art technology.

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