While many people still prefer to go to the shops to see, touch and try products, there are still many other shoppers who prefer to do all their shopping online, from the comfort of their couch. To attract more customers to the physical shop, even those who prefer the digital world, there are different strategies and tools. Artificial intelligence and Big Data play a key role in achieving a seamless omnichannel shopping process.

Many people today trade the efficiency of online shopping for the accuracy of in-person shopping. With Ladorians technology, they can have the best of both worlds!

The need for an omni-channel strategy

Today, the high competition to advertise in the digital world has driven up the prices of online advertising, so that in many cases the cost of having a physical space over the total cost of advertising is no longer so high. At the same time, sales on digital platforms that boomed during the pandemic and confinement have begun to stagnate and start to decline. This is expected to continue, so retail is in a good position to attract more and more customers.

If John prefers to shop from home because online he can see all the stock available without having to travel, how can we get him to come to the shop? If Maria waits to shop online only on those dates when there are discounts, how can we motivate her to shop more regularly and in the physical space? An omni-channel shopping experience can help us keep them coming back.

Omni-channel is based on the integration of online and offline sales channels to provide a unified and consistent shopping experience at all points of contact with visitors. Strategies may include:

  • Offer the option to buy online and pick up in shop.

That way customers can continue to browse stock and shop from their couch, but when they come to the shop to pick up the product, you have the opportunity to get them to make more purchases on the spot.

  • Promote exclusive offers and promotions in the physical space.

A good idea can be to promote these exclusive shop offers on digital channels such as newsletters, social media, website and blog.

Visual de una tienda, en sale
  • Give personalised experiences.

Tailor consumers' in-store experience based on their online shopping history to make them feel at home.

  • Organise community events

Socialising is a necessity. With events you can encourage shoppers to bond with others with whom they share similar interests, while reinforcing the relationship they have with the offline space.

  • Design your shop to make viralising the experience worthwhile.

Appeal to the 5 senses, have a space with a design that is eye-catching and enjoyable. Even incorporate a café or relaxation area inside. The more 'postable' your shop is, the more likely your customers will share photos or videos of their visit on social media, encouraging others to want to visit and do the same.

To ensure that online and in-store experiences are well integrated, brand messaging and promotional content should be consistent across all channels. Intelligence and Big Data are differentiating factors in achieving seamless cohesion. You can read these tips for displaying valuable content in-store.

Examples of the use of artificial intelligence and Big Data in retailing

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence and Big Data are great allies when it comes to personalising and improving the omnichannel experience. They help to digitise physical spaces and bring the advantages of the online world to the offline world.

Visual de una tienda, en sale

With intelligent algorithm software and the analysis of the data that customers are feeding to different digital and physical channels, it is possible to improve sales and marketing strategies. For example:

  • Using online search histories to show relevant promotions and content to different clusters.
  • Rely on customer location and actions in the shop to position products in a way that encourages shopping and visibility.
  • Increase transaction security also in-store and streamline payment processes.

Ladorian's solution to digitise your physical space

Ladorian is the solution you need to make data-driven decisions and take your physical shop to the next level. Ladorian's intelligent software can anonymously track customer behaviour, collect data and provide detailed analysis on shop performance. Furthermore, its data analysis allows you to recommend relevant products to customers and adjust strategies in real time.

Ladorian's customers get a quick return on investment thanks to the fast implementation of the recommendation engine. Customisation based on your business data usually takes two weeks; testing of the engine, on the other hand, takes about two months. After implementation, the results are 100% analysable. Having a technical team at your disposal for training or questions, while sales can soar up to 30%.

Ask our sales team for a demo. We will be happy to help you!

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