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General questions

Do I need to know how to use AI to use Ladorian Technology?
How to become a Ladorian Partner?
What do I need to become a Ladorian Partner?
In which countries is Ladorian Technology available?
Which plan to choose for my Retail or physical space?
Who should I contact for a quotation?
How do I apply for the Kit Digital grant?
What is the Kit Digital grant?
In which sectors is Ladorian Technology present?
How can I learn to use Ladorian Technology?


Can I manage in-store broadcasting on my devices from the Ladorian Software?
Can I create my own campaign in Ladorian Technology?
Can I upload my own content to Ladorian Technology?
What if I don't have content to upload to the Ladorian software?
Can I create different user permissions in the Ladorian software?
Can Ladorian Software play content without Internet connection?
What applications does Ladorian software integrate with and is it compatible with?
How can I learn to use Ladorian Technology?
Can I divide the Ladorian broadcast screen in different areas to broadcast different content in each of them?
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