Smart Data


In-store Data | Exterior Data

We capture, integrate & evaluate data that impacts on sales

ERP | Cameras | External APIs


Real-time Recommendations & Associations

Our Prime-Time algorithms select the right product, at the right moment, to the right client


Omnichannel broadcast content

The content is broadcasted in all your Hardware devices

Single, agile, online platform

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Relevant Sales Information


We integrate internal sales and stock data from our customers to model communication based on sales patterns and to optimize stock management.


We broadcast content according to weather conditions.

2102-iconos_censo demografico

We gather statistical information to know the potential customer in the area.

2102-iconos_informacion socio-ecoonomica
Socio-economic information

We incorporate the per capita income information of the area profiles.


We take into consideration all the events or special circumstances that may affect the POS.

Smart Analytics

Identify the impact of your campaigns

Generate customized reports, automatically and in real time:

  • Promotional sales performance / Broadcasts / Footfall
  • Customer segmentation by age and gender
  • Comparisons with control groups and different periods

Customer Information with Anonymous Profiling

Analyse customer profiles by gender and age, in different time slots and on different days. Identify hotspots with heat maps, get to know the customer journey in your shops, and discover recurring profiles. Make real time decision based on customer traffic data in each of your points of sale

Ladorian iDS

Smart Data: CMS

Make real time decision based on customer traffic data in each of your points of sale

With our software you will be able to:

  • Create campaigns based on a predictive model and program rules leveraging on consumer profile, inventory and sales, among other variables.
  • Through the recommendation module, identify complementary products, increasing cross-selling.
  • Increase sales of advertised products by 30% thanks to the broadcasting of personalised messages with our Prime Time Algorithms.
  • Analyse your entire business with our dynamic KPI’s, taking advantage of the statistical information collected.
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Manage all devices from a single platform.

Integrated channels

At Ladorian, we adapt to a myriad of channels, integrate all the hardware and software you already have, and add new elements while minimising the cost of change.


Make your displays smart digital sales assistants.


Adapt the content to the particularities of each store with customized displays according to space and material preferences, from cardboard or wood to PVC or iron.


Create an interactive kiosk to enhance the customer's shopping experience.


Get to know your consumers and their behaviors in a completely anonymous way and in line with the general data protection regulation.


Integrate all the information from the smart tags to have a better control of what they are streaming in real time.

Apps and web interface

Impact the consumer directly through your own customer loyalty app connected in real time with our system.

Third-party CMS

If you already have a content management structure and don't want to change, add a top layer of data and intelligence, get all the benefits of artificial intelligence in your current CMS.

Technological Partners

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