ON-OFF data fusion to optimize the shopping experience

What is the differential value that a data-driven company can bring to your business? Are retail outlets ready to maximise the power of data in their marketing strategies and combine it with their online strategies?

The differences between offline and online start at the very beginning and affect the four basic pillars: message, audience, tone and channel.

Technological advances have made consumers and businesses alike increasingly comfortable with hybrid commerce initiatives, making it clear that the future of commerce is the fusion of physical and digital: THE FUSION OF THE OFFLINE AND ONLINE WORLD.

However, it is still the case that when we talk about terms or concepts such as Big Data, Machine Learning or Smart Content we use to think of the Online world automatically.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

AI and data analysis in the offline world

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applied to retail or points of sale is a fact that is here to stay and that represents a clear competitive advantage.

An effective technological solution with the potential to transform the shopping experience and the user experience at physical points of sale based on a deep understanding of the consumer.

This knowledge comes from the analysis and measurement of offline data through which we detect customer insights. This offers the possibility to create real-time advertisements through a Smart Digital Signage System, fully customised to our target, helping to increase sales by as much as 30%.

Ladorian IDS helps businesses and retailers create real growth opportunities for themselves and their brands by leveraging our deep understanding of consumer, marketing technologies and data ecosystems.

A trend that the current crisis has triggered; more than ever there is a need to get the most out of physical businesses or points of sale, although online sales have soared, users are still looking for the experiences and sensations offered by physical retail spaces.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves: why not combine the online and offline experience to further optimise the user’s shopping experience? Are they incompatible?

Integration of online and offline data

While the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed new physical shop openings, we are still seeing offline experiences from brands that were previously online-only, and will continue to do so in 2021.

This initiative allows more and more data to be collected and analysed from consumers to deliver customized products and offers at the right time and in the right place.

Businesses are increasingly interested in offering their customers ease and convenience in consumption, choosing to connect the digital with the offline.

A strategy that combines these two tactics will always be stronger, more likely to impact a wider audience.

Information is power and those companies able to extract the most value from their business data, understanding what customers or potential users want and need, will be the ones to take advantage and show outstanding results.

Online shops in offline spaces

A good example of this synergy between the offline and online world is the opening of the first physical Amazon Fresh Grocery Store in September.

The Amazon Fresh Grocery Store is a new grocery shop designed from the ground up to offer a seamless shopping experience, whether customers shop in-store or online.

The goal is to help the customer get more value and that the technology helps them get personalised products and services.

Including your ON data in your OFF materials: fanpage addresses, urls… in all the printed materials you use, in your points of sale, and in the off-line advertising you carry out will create the perfect situation in your point of sale to favour the engagement with your customers taking advantage of the synergies that are generated between both environments: physical and digital.

Now, thanks to Ladorian IDS, implementing an intelligent communication strategy in your physical point of sale – combining on and off information strategies – is possible through innovative data-driven techniques that allow us to create personalised advertising content in real time, helping to boost sales and the image of your business.

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