Artificial Intelligence: The future of physical business

Nowadays, we live in an incredibly fast-paced and curious world. An environment overoladed with, both in the media offer (TV channels, books, podcasts…) and in our professional environment (hundreds of emails, comments, papers…).

This information overload is known as “infoxication”.

In the business environment, this information overload translates into: ADVERTISING SATURATION.

We are currently exposed by hundreds of advertisements in the media, outdoor advertising, digital environment, telemarketing…

With all this media noise, it is relatively difficult for companies to get their messages across and effectively communicate their offerings to potential customers.

Faced with this situation, we have been detecting that the vast majority of advertising does not achieve the expected results, consumers have developed their own “ADVERTISING IMMUNITY“.

That is the reason why, the retail sector has had to reinvent the way it impacts its potential audience by innovating and increasingly using new smart technologies such as facial recognition, artificial intelligence or smart signage as marketing tools at the point of sale.

But how can physical businesses take advantage of data and implement intelligent digital communication through artificial intelligence?

It seems like something from the future, but communication tailored to each user profile is more present than ever. 

We tell you about it!

Inteligencia Artificial Retail

Why implement an AI (artificial intelligence) based system to boost sales in physical stores?

In recent months, technology solution developers have increased partnerships with retailers to implement new tools for data analysis and impact at the point of sale, such as intelligent signage, facial recognition sensors or applications for faster and smoother transactions.

All of this is indicative of a change of paradigm; technology (Big Data and AI) is revolutionizing the industry and more and more establishments are employing it to offer a better value proposition and optimize their experience.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions allow us to identify potential customers, hyper-personalize and tailor messages to their specific needs, improve ad placement and identify the most effective means of communicating the message.

The most visionary retailers are leading change by for example, employing programmatic advertising and AI at the point of sale to leverage real data, deliver the most relevant content at any given moment and increase the shopping basket.

Benefits of using artificial intelligence in retail

As mentioned above, the growing awareness of AI and big data & analytics is driving the growth of artificial intelligence in the retail market.

This is also due to the recent increase in costs and competition, the difficulty of building customer loyalty, declining sales and, consequently, business profitability.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and big data & analytics have the potential to transform everything from retail operations to customer experience.

The use of data and these new technologies can revolutionise different areas of the retail industry such as: supply chain and supplier management, inventory management, marketing, advertising and customer relationship management.

Ladorian as technology partner 

From Ladorian we are fully committed to revolutionising sales in physical spaces through data analysis and artificial intelligence.

We present ourselves as your trusted technology partner. Our AI-powered in-store advertising delivers relevant content, which is proven to increase customer engagement, customer experience and revenue at the point of sale.

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