The retail strategy that increases OFF sales is called Blended Marketing.

In an extremely interconnected society, communication between companies and consumers has changed deeply – it’s time to adapt your business to new and effective Blended Marketing sales strategies!

Blended Markeitng mix the offline and online world in order to help the retailers to increase their sales and boost the user experience.

New consumers belong to the physical world and also to the digital world; two spaces connected one to each other: new data, analysis techniques and the application of metrics and predictive models, allow the creation of effective sales strategies in physical spaces.

Read on and find out!

What is a Blended Marketing Strategy?

Merging and leveraging online and offline marketing tools into a comprehensive strategic campaign is a Blended Marketing Strategy.

Marketing that combines the information we obtain from our business and our audience in the physical and digital world to apply it effectively in our sales strategies.

Offline sales techniques focus the efforts on target audience, reaching a larger number of people, while digital sales techniques allow you to segment your audience to a totally specific audience or buyer persona.

Through a Blended Marketing strategy we will integrate both channels, from data collection and analysis to an omnichannel communication strategy, homogeneous and effective, getting the best of customer.

Blended Marketing helps us to define the behavioural cluster of our customers.

At this point we have to keep in mind the difference between the two types of consumers.

Online shoppers or digital consumers have everything a couple of clicks away, while offline shoppers have to go to get what they are looking for.

However, data shows that conversion in offline businesses, i.e. in physical spaces, is much higher than in the digital world.

The synergy generated in physical spaces, the interest shown by users due to the effort involved in travelling, the security of being able to see the products and/or services you are going to buy first-hand, the first-hand advice or the guarantees offered by a place you can go to are some of the reasons why many users prefer to make their purchases in the local retailers.

So why not take advantage of the information offered by the digital environment to encourage visits and boost sales in our shop?

This is one of the reasons why every day more and more businesses whose presence was exclusively digital decide to expand their business model to traditional points of sale.

At Ladorian we are committed to offline sales at the point of sale.

If we align communication objectives in Blended Marketing actions focusing on the webroomig (users who start the buying process in the digital world and finish it in physical spaces) we will provide customers with a higher user experience that provides more value, making the most of the advantages offered by retail and taking advantage of the questions and insecurities that arise in the digital world.

Knowing the consumption cluster , we can understand their behaviour habits and detect which product sells better on a specific day or time slot on which that or a different one sells better, or the complementary products that may be of interest or useful to them.

The more information we have about our potential customers, the more power we will have when designing and personalising our offline campaigns at the point of sale, which translates into greater profitability and increased sales.

In conclusion, this strategy, focused on boosting sales in the points of sale, mix their experience to the digital world, sharing their satisfaction about his offline user experience of the product and/or service in the offline environment.

Are you ready to carry out a Smart Content Strategy based on Blended Marketing? Ladorian can help you.

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