Digital, retail or a mix of ?

One of the main challenges facing retailers is the breakdown line between the on-and-off-line worlds throughout the shopping process.

New consumers search for a product in one them to finalise the purchase in the other one. This is known as webrooming and showrooming;

An example is mobile phones shopping process; users gather information and compare via the online world and then finalise the purchase in the shop: this would be webrooming.

For a long time the rise of online businesses has been undeniable, significantly affecting physical businesses, retailers who invest in offline advertising with the help of an expert company to implement intelligent advertising and content systems, manage to face competitors in the digital world and increase their sales significantly.

Retailers are facing new consumer behaviours in a complex environment in which both physical shops and online shopping have unique advantages and complement each other.

The challenge is to make this combination works for your brand.

Data are the main tool to get the change.

When consumers want a product, they expect it to be when, how and where they want it. It is at this point that companies must be able to anticipate the needs and customer journey of users with an attractive proposition or offer that meets three requirements.

1) Capture their attention. 2) Respond to their needs and desires. 3) Generate an optimised shopping experience, and therefore a positive brand perception.

However, data remains one of the weak points for retailers facing two challenges:

The first is how to obtain it; the second is how to analyse it to extract this valuable information that will allow us to define their consumer habits.

Information is the key link to gaining insight into consumers’ consumption habits. We need to define a behavioural cluster and answer questions such as: what they consume, when they consume and how they consume in order to create an effective sales strategy.

A joint strategy that focuses all efforts on creating a synergy between both environments: offline and online world.

Consumers’ routines and habits have become a veritable hive with numerous points of contact where it is not enough just to have a presence, you also have to know what to communicate and do it at the right time.

Consumers have changed the way they buy and we are changing the way we sell.

And that means we need to take a step back to determine different ways of selling and reach the consumer on their terms through the path to purchase.

But beware! Keep in mind that consumer patterns are not static, on the contrary, their interests and needs vary and more and more frequently, so we must be able to detect and adapt.

Retailers and the digital world, offline and online, are no longer independent and incompatible environments. On the contrary, users combine both environments to make their purchases and retailers must know how to satisfy these demands and adapt in the shortest possible time.

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