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We broadcast targeted content to your customers in physical spaces

We are the technology partner of those companies that share our vision that leadership in the new era of retail requires intelligent digital communication in their shops.

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Most relevant milestones

Ladorian shows continuous growth since 2016 reaching relevant milestones every year

Jan 2021
New offices opened in France

We expand our international presence by opening an office in Paris.

Nov 2020
Release of Ladorian iDS 4.0

Birth of a totally new concept of CMS: interactive, intuitive, the perfect tool to develop the full potential of Ladorian from a single platform that integrates all the hardware.

Oct 2020
5M funding round

Ladorian closes investment round with Rakuten, Vertical partners, and Endeavor Catalyst and is positioned to grow like never before.

Jun 2020
Ladorian joins Lanzadera

We have joined Juan Roig's "Marina de Empresas". Here we have unique opportunities for acceleration, networking, positioning and even financing.

Jan 2020
Opening of offices in Italy, Colombia and the USA

We expanded our international presence by opening offices in Milan, Medellin, and Miami.

Jul 2019
+5000 Points connected

The next big milestone in terms of connected points comes from BP. The British petrol station group relies on Ladorian to manage a channel of 25 service stations, reaching more than 1 million people per year. Full implementation of the Ladorian iDS module.

Mar 2019
Ladorian iDS Development: Smart Data

Ladorian iDs specialises in intelligent, data-driven communication in public spaces, personalising messages to each consumer.

Jun 2018
Ladorian is named Endeavor company

Endeavor is a global organisation, present in more than 34 countries that selects and supports high-impact entrepreneurs to catalyse their long-term projection. Ladorian was selected after a rigorous process that identified us as an innovative company, with a strong commitment to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spain. Since then, our growth has been exponential.

Jan 2018
+3000 points connected

We continue to grow, in 2018 Foster's trusts Ladorian in a project to boost the consumer experience in its network of restaurants. 250 connected points with an audience of half a million people per year and 4 hours of personalised content per week.

Jan 2017
+2000 points connected

Keeping up the pace, in 2017 we closed a contract with Dia. One of the largest supermarket groups in Spain trusts Ladorian to manage the outdoor screens of 550 of its supermarkets.

Jun 2016
+1000 points connected

In less than a year we managed to reach 1000 connected points. Cofares, the largest pharmaceutical distributor in Spain, signs with Ladorian to create its own advertising channel, a network of 1200 pharmacies with access to 72 million customers per year.

Jan 2016
Start of marketing in Spain

The commercialisation of our Ladorian iDS software starts in Spain. We start implementing 360º solutions to our customers: Hardware, Software and advertising marketing.

Alejandro Gutierrez Bolívar


Alejandro Gutierrez Bolívar


Alejandro Gutierrez Bolívar


Alejandro Gutierrez Bolívar


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