Systems to offer the best products at your petrol station

Aumentar Ventas Productos Gasolineras

Nowadays, a wide range of products and services can be found at roadside service stations with the aim of helping travellers to make their journeys as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

A new landscape in the service station sector from which we can get a great return if we apply marketing or advertising strategies at the point of sale for service stations, taking advantage of the numerous points of contact available to us.

If we want to get a better interaction with the customer, we must offer them a more pleasant and personalised experience.

How can we achieve this, what are the best service station products we can offer, and are there any tools that will allow us to increase our sales?

Smart digital signage for petrol stations is the solution.

How to offer the best products in your petrol station

How to boost your sales by offering the best products for your service station? Digital display technology helps your business, not only in the way we distribute content, but also in detecting what is the most appropriate content to offer at any given moment.

Here are 5 benefits of smart digital signage to offer the best products to consumers

Ensure a seamless experience right from the start

Filling up with fuel is the primary target for customers and therefore the first point of contact and their first impression.

Digital displays in petrol stations will help you provide clear information that facilitates their experience with greater convenience and safety. By using digital displays you can provide all the necessary information and directions in a modern, clear and accurate way.

In addition, you can take advantage of the refuelling time to offer them other value propositions that will be attractive to them during the rest of the customer journey at your petrol station.

Take advantage of all the spaces in your service station for communication

Your forecourt has three main points of contact. The refuelling point; the forecourt or outdoor space and the physical shop.

In each of these spaces you can offer information about the products and complementary services you offer to improve their journey and their interest in purchasing them.

Offer customised products and services for your service station

An important aspect of choosing products for your forecourt and offering them to travellers is knowing your audience and their needs.

Through intelligent digital signage and the use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, we not only detect consumer behaviour patterns and their needs, but we also measure the impact of your advertising actions at the point of sale to optimise their effectiveness.

Our management software will also allow you to automatically and centrally manage all advertising at your point of sale in real time.

Improve your brand image

Users expect an image in line with the current times. Modern and sophisticated; useful and relevant.

An increasingly demanding public that is not satisfied with just anything and that responds very positively to a good value proposition. Choosing the right products for your service station is fundamental.

If you offer them an optimal shopping experience, this will translate into increased sales and a better image for your business.

Branding, value proposition and differentiation are key to attracting and keeping the customer of today and tomorrow respectively.

Optimise your advertising investment

Digital signage for petrol stations to show the best good and services is an excellent investment to lower usual cost traditional advertising or signage that needs to be constantly modified and in many cases cannot adapt to short-term changes.

In addition, you will offer a more sustainable image which will generate less environmental impact by not having to constantly discard the already obsolete systems based on paper, cardboard, ink and other materials.

Digital media allows you to offer the right advertising at the right time to achieve greater effectiveness and an increased return on investment.

Ladorian helps you to achieve this by implementing an intelligent digital signage system that allows you to enjoy all the benefits that we have exposed you guaranteeing an increase in your sales by more than 30%.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Consult with our professionals without obligation how to carry out this process with Ladorian, a leading company in Spain in the implementation of intelligent communication systems at retails.

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