Clicks to Bricks strategies at the point of sale

Clicks to Bricks strategies at point of sale

Clicks to Bricks strategies respond to new consumer habits and behaivours to increase the potential customers who visit your physical space through the online world.

The objective is generate value and make the best of the synergy that exists between the offline and online world to apply it to points of sale and physical spaces.

Why should you incorporate this type of campaign into your growth strategy? How can we really measure its potential and profitability?

Read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know about these strategies that are revolutionising and increasing revenues at the point of sale!

What is a Clicks to Bricks strategy?

Clicks to Bricks combines user interaction on digital platforms (Clicks) with interaction in physical spaces (Bricks).

In other words, the term brick refers to offline sales and the term click to online sales.

An inbound marketing strategy that makes bigger the funnel of attracting potential customers through the different sales channels, taking advantage of omnichannel marketing and the synergy generated between the two spaces.

This strategy is based on a more generic concept known as Blended Marketing, which combines the advantages of offering direct, physical sales with the advantages of a wider market such as those offered by eCommerce.

Blended Marketing is the trend that merges offline and online marketing. A strategy that intensifies communication with users in a more effective and broader way, improving sales and the brand image of the points of sale.

The reason behind Clicks to Bricks strategies is to take advantage of the differences in customer behaviour in digital and physical shops by focusing on the latter.

This strategy makes sense if we take into account that conversion in physical shops is much higher than in online spaces.

Its main objective is to enhance the value of the physical shop or OFF world by relying on the ON world, capturing customers through the latter to attract them to our point of sale.

This allows us to strengthen and enhance what is known in the points of sale as the last mile, the centre of the strategies of many points of sale that want to increase the profitability of their physical spaces.

Why should you apply a Click to Brick strategy?

Numerous studies show that more and more users carry out their first analysis or First Insight via the Internet (Click) and then complete their purchase in shops (Brick).

It is in this last space where the last mile (the last journey made by the consumer until the purchase is completed) plays a very important role.

This sales strategy offers us the possibility of taking advantage of all the resources we have in our space with all the information we have available to increase sales by making use of Smart Digital Signage Technology or Intelligent Digital Communication.

This technology makes it possible to offer advertising adapted to the public in real time, with personalised products and to create cross-selling and upselling strategies that increase sales in physical spaces by more than 30%.

The big challenge for click-to-brick campaigns is measurement.

We cannot overlook another particularly important concept: the Customer Journey.

Knowing your current and potential audience is the great challenge of the 21st century and technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence help us in this task to better understand buying habits and learn about the customer journey or consumer behaviour.

Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the two main digital platforms that help the most in this regard in a click to brick strategy.

These tools can be used not only to boost online sales, but also as a strategy to achieve more visits to your point of sale.

Considering this, we must add all the information that our point of sale constantly generates supported by companies like Ladorian, which are able to extract and analyse to later apply in our smart advertising strategies at the point of sale.

The main advantage that Clicks to Bricks strategies offer, apart from being able to combine this information to make communication more effective and increase conversion, is that they can be measured exhaustively in real time, allowing us to adjust our advertising impacts and offer our products and services in a personalised way to our public.

Ladorain helps you to merge the ON and OFF world at your point of sale.

The ON and OFF world have been for many years confronted as two independent spaces, however, this situation has changed and Click to Brick strategies are the best example.

Digital platforms have gone from being an enemy to physical spaces to a tool that captures potential customers and directs them to our point of sale, where they can enjoy a much more personalised, enriching and satisfying shopping experience.

Ladorian helps you to digitise and improve your point of sale leading the digital revolution of your retail, mixing the ON-OFF world and guaranteeing your results and an improvement in business sales. Don’t wait any longer and do not hesitate to contact with our professionals!


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