How to increase sales of complementary products at petrol stations?

Who would have thought that filling up your car could become a gastronomic experience, a place to relax, rest or buy those gifts you’ve been looking for?

Although petrol stations have traditionally been considered exclusively as fuel sales points, for years now the service station sector has been transformed into spaces where you can enjoy a range of complementary products and services.

Traditional “refilling points” offer a wide range of gastronomic offerings, gifts and freebies, relaxation and many other services to the publi

However, they face stiff competition and forecourt managers and marketing and communications managers often struggle to find new ways to attract customers and generate more revenue at the forecourt.

Many resort to competing on price, however, by employing this strategy they decrease revenues, resulting in lower profitability from fuel sales.

So the big question is: how can gas station managers attract more customers and increase revenue on complementary products?

By applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their point-of-sale communication strategies.

Digital signage at the point of sale

Artificial Intelligence applied to service station advertising

In order to attract the attention of drivers or users, service stations are not only strategically located on the roads, but also make use of digital signage screens.

An excellent resource that, however, although they allow us to respond to these advertising and information needs, is insufficient if we do not send the right message at all times.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, service stations can convert the numerous data they obtain on a daily basis, at their point of sale, into information and knowledge that is very useful for increasing sales.

In order to attract the attention of drivers, they make use of advertising screens, which are essential to be recognised from a great distance, to catch the attention of drivers and to inform them about the prices of different fuels.

The installation of advertising screens or digital signage in service stations, together with the use of Artificial Intelligence, offers a more dynamic character of our message, applying what is known as an appropriate Strategy of Smart Data Content.

In other words, information adapted to the moment and context based on different offline parameters that allow us to customise or personalise our advertising impacts in real time, increasing average user spending by up to 30%.

This is known as Smart Digital Signange.

Perhaps that is why many are already calling it the advertising of the future, as it is a personalised impact that offers a highly positive ROI.
With its installation, the return is almost guaranteed.

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