Digital Signage, creative and smart solutions to increase your sales

The digital signage offers an amazing and effective digital solution to make the best of their shopping areas and increase sales. It is common to see them in retail areas, stores, shopping malls, bus stops or airports among many others.

Digital signage is an intelligent and cost-effective digitalization solution for retail spaces that wants to offer customized messages to your audience in real time, improving the user experience and the interaction.

¿Do you want to be a master in digital signage? We invite you to keep reading our article, we will explain everything you need to know about digital signage and its amazing potential in the future as a marketing strategy at sale points.

What is digital signage?

We use it to refer to digital screens or content players  like interactive shop windows, advertising led screens, digital information panels, virtual catalogs, etc. We use it to playback digital content to one or many displays at the same time, seeking for different purposes: commercial, information, advisor, promotion,etc. 

Digital signage technology is located at sale points with a high number of visitors, where we can capture their attention through media player content that we playback on digital screens.

The combination of traditional signage with digital signage.

Digital signage technology works in the same way as traditional signage; an advertising space where we show off different messages to the public.However, the digital revolution reaches every aspect of our daily lives, and more and more traditional signage such as billboards (canvas, paper or any other material) are replaced by more dynamic and eye-catching content digital advertising.

Media player support offers an excellent display solution with higher definition, contrast, colors and resolution, helping to improve the user experience.

Compared with the traditional signage, static and very expensive to work in, digital signage offers much more dynamism, adaptability and more efficiency depending on the needs of each moment.

Does your ads have to be the same at all times? In Ladorian we think not; your ads must be the most appropriate and should be customized considering the profile of the visitors and depending on the time and the environment situation.

How do we create customized ads that improve our brand and our sales? By developing smart content.

Smart content, the true king

Our digital display is a very important element but we must not forget that the content is the most important thing. If we want to offer quality content in order to meet our goals we will get it using data analysis or big data, which allows us to set up an effective marketing strategy and digital content.

 Big data analytics helps organizations to identify new opportunities leading to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers.

How do we design smart advertising?

Smart and customized, data-driven communication in sales points offers a best customer experience and with a low cost-effective digitalization at the retail point, through personalized messages. To achieve it we must know our customer profile by gender, age and other social data, in different time slots and days.

Through AI and big data & analytics we will identify the áreas visited most frequently, as well as the customer journey and its customer traffic in the store.

Using our unique software we get a map of your customer traffic in your business, with the aim of creating predictive models to anticipate and develop a smart content marketing strategy to be reproduced on your digital screens in real time.

Smart content in digital signage

The content that we will offer through our intelligent signage system is based on a content marketing strategy that we have previously created.

This strategy has been developed based on historical data that learns and adapts thanks to machine learning.

The message will be designed based on the business objectives and the data we have extracted and analysed to define the value proposition and the actions we want to offer to our customers.

These actions can range from a product on offer, brand recognition content, informative content or encourage interaction on social networks, among many others.

Once we know what the goals we are working to get, we shape and design the visual and auditory message through images, gifs, videos or digital content that we consider most appropriate.

What does digital signage offer to your business?

  • Spectacularity: digital signage is more amazing and familiar. It captures more attention  with the formats offered by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops.
  • Interaction: it increases the interest of users and it also can be integrated with phones and applications.
  • Experience: improves the branding and helps to capture their attention with highly adapted value propositions.
  • Increase: we influence the consumer’s decision by taking advantage of the synergy that is generated, helping to generate additional revenue.
  • Comfort: once you have set up the device you only have to modify the contents.
  • Efficiency: the contents are modified in real time.

Digital Signage Trends in 2021

Digital advertising strategies based on digital signage have increased significantly since the emergence of Covid-19 where mobile devices play a key role. The trend of digital signage is to achieve interaction with the user through our personal o profesional devices. The most common are mirroring systems or QR codes.

Given the distancing that we are suffering, businesses seek to create two-way marketing channels and interactive to create a one to one experience between the brand and the target audience. We create an interaction through our audiovisual channels in a much closer, attractive and direct way.

Consumers are harassed by constant advertising everywhere and capturing their attention is becoming more and more difficult.

Not just any type of advertising will do, we must make an effort and offer an increasingly customized message at the right time. As you have seen, Smart Signage technology is one of the best marketing strategies to boost your brand and your sales.

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