3 real techniques to increase in-store sales in times of Covid

To sell or not to sell, that is the question!

The arrival of the coronavirus just over a year ago has turned the world upside down, affecting all facets of life.

Physical establishments have had to prioritize the safety and health of their customers and employees above all else.

This situation has had a very high impact on income statement of millions of businesses, especially point of sales, which have seen their sales decrease to unprecedented levels.

In consecuence, marketing managers around the world have to re-evaluate their sales strategies and rapidly consider their plans to adapt to the new situation.


But, what actions are retailers taking to increase sales and connect with their customers?

How do you increase sales in retail?

The current pandemic has not only accelerated digital transformation plans and forced shops to adapt to new security regulations.

It has also brought dramatic changes in consumer behaviour.

Retailers are innovating more than ever to meet the needs of the customers in order to make a greater impact, increase average ticket sales, regain their lost market shares and take care of their customers.

Now, we are going to show you tree techniques that retailers are using to increase sales and meet their objetives.

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1. Omnichannel Sales Strategy

Digitalisation, yes, but that’s not enough.

Long before the covid-19 was declared, retail digitisation was quite high and on an upward trajectory.

It is proven that combinated online and offline channels simultaneously improve the sales and custom experience. Itmeans that physical and digital world should work together.

Ladorian considers the smart multichannel marketing as a strategy to boost the sales from different channels and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they are shopping from a website, app or in a outlet retail.

It’s about integrating all channels, platforms, media, resources to achieve positive synergy and co-create a complete customer experience to increase the average expenditure.

In addition, multichannel marketing offers a better data collection and analysis, as retailers can gather information from different points (online & offline).

Given that most retailers concentrate 80% of their sales in physical shops, all this information enables to understand and anticipate consumer behaviours,

2. Data, Data and Data

Data is the new “oil” of the 21st century, so Big Data will be the technology that will revolutionise the economy of the future.

As we have already mentioned, Big Data Analytics at the point of sale is a very important aspect to increase sales in retail. The collection of data and its evaluation is an important advantage over our competitors.

However, is it enough just to obtain this data? The answer is no.

Data are an amount of information that must be processed and analysed. The most important thing is to know how to use this data to extract the information that will allow us to apply it in our points of sale through a Smart Digital Signage Strategy.

Strategies created from smart content that we distribute through digital screens or digital signage in order to increase the impact and performance of sales strategies on customers.

All of this allows us to offer a better customer experience, with customized messages based on a predictive model to create smart content adapted to the tastes or interests of our customers.

Consumers enjoy more engaging and customized in-store experiences.

Ladorian are specialist in data analytics at the point of sale and our commitment is to improve the customer shopping experience based on different analytics tools and smart content creation.

3. Smart digital advertising: SMART RETAIL MEDIA

The customer experience at the point of sale is more important than ever.

With the reduction of capacity, it is time to work on conversion and loyalty.

Smart Digital Content Strategies needs a support and digital screens are just one of them.

Many other elements such as ID systems, cameras, labels, sensors or mobile devices that are very usefull for sales strategies at sales points.

All this elements helps to distribute content or gather information, creating for example, heat maps to detect how the public behaves at your point of sale.

Thanks to the Smart Content Platforms in the points of sale we can implement a new media and/or communication system called Retail Media or Instore Smart Media, where we can connect all these elements with information in real time.

Ladorian has developed its own Smart Content Distribution Platform: LADORIAN IDS®. Its implementation at the point of sale helps to generate indexes with an increase of up to 30% of the sales of physical spaces.

Instore Smart Media Strategies improve the customer experience at the point of sale and boost impulse purchases by leveraging the synergy generated.

Entrepreneurs with a sale point know this, as well as the huge competitive advantage it brings.

In consecuence, more and more outlet set up offline smart content strategies using LED advertising screens or other media. Smart content strategies that offer the public a personalised experience through a Retail Media Communication System.

Ladorian is fully committed to revolutionize the in-store retail sales through data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Our Smart Content Distribution Platform: LADORIAN IDS® will help you to boost the sales of your business and to improve your branding at your point of sale.

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