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Digital Signage for supermarkets: Smart up-to-the-minute communication

Ladorian leads your digital signange and data-driven communication project.

If you have come this far you are probably wondering: What is digital signage for supermarkets? How does digital signage work? Or how can I create a smart and effective communication system to improve my sales and enhance my brand image?

3 out of 5 supermarkets have already adapted to the Smart Digital Signage system, improving their sales by up to 40% by making use of the data that your business generates every day.

Their early adaptation has allowed the hardware and software to evolve and develop in response to the marketing and communication needs of these points of sale through intelligent advertising: an effective in-store communication system that offers our products in an updated way according to the public.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level of efficiency and productivity?

Ladorain explains how we can do it together – don’t miss this opportunity!

Smart Digital Signage for supermarkets

In Store Smart Content Distribution

Smart digital signage systems for supermarkets is a reality being one of the first sectors to adapt this technology.

Digital signage is the broadcasting of digital audiovisual content of any kind through LED, LCD, plasma screens or any other type of device.

When it comes to capturing the attention of consumers, the technology is unrivalled.

Our innovative communication system not only offers this possibility, but we also help you to impact your audience through personalised communication or advertising based on real-time data.

Your supermarket’s audience changes and so do their needs.

The right placement of screens and monitors and delivering the right messages at the right time contributes to effective communication that facilitates interaction with consumers.

It is a technology that has been adapted to thousands of establishments, and supermarkets are one of the retail sectors where it fits perfectly.


How does smart digital signage work?

Digital signage is the present and future of the retail sector thanks to new offline marketing strategies combined with new technologies and their synergy with the ON world.

By combining specialised hardware and software we can shape and materialise the insights of our consumers.

Our Prime Time algorithms help you to present much more varied data-driven personalised content that is continuously updated in an automated way and from any location.

We tailor advertising to your business audience, previously defined according to different parameters to show them the products that we know can attract their attention and arouse their interest and impulse to buy them.

The public will be much more receptive to the information received from the screens as, thanks to the previous analysis, the product will reach them directly without having to pay attention to advertising that does not interest them.

Behavioural clustering based on AI and Business Intelligence

Clustering is the categorisation of the information or data that your business generates from your consumers through which we can generate relevant segmentations that allow us to create more effective personalised advertising campaigns.

In other words, to cluster or segment your audience is to create groups of people with similar characteristics: tastes, needs or motivations.

Artificial intelligence (AI), through machine learning and data processing, makes it possible to create these algorithms that replicate the logic of people before making a decision, based on their tastes and past preferences.

In other words, they create a pattern of choices based on the interaction of users at your point of sale in order to offer personalised content that encourages interest and purchase.

Smart Analytics at real-time

In addition to creating personalised campaigns, our software allows you to measure the results of the data we collect in real time.

Using these metrics and applying Business Intelligence technology, we can make the necessary adjustments to optimise our marketing and communication actions in the shortest possible time, achieving maximum efficiency and effectiveness. All this translates into a greater increase in sales.

Why is smart communication so effective in supermarkets?

Before implementing a Smart Digital Signage system, it is necessary to carry out a study in which we extract data and valuable information about your business and its consumers.

This study will not only indicate which advertisements are the most suitable at any given moment, but also will help us to identify the most appropriate ones for your business.

With the help of Ladorian you can automate the publication of advertising adapted in real time for each screen optimising to the maximum its performance and increasing its effectiveness.

Having a product promoted for a certain time and at the right time means that customers know about it and want to buy it.

Digital Signage Out of Home

As mentioned, digital signage has multiple uses in different departments, but it should be noted that this range of possibilities is both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to attracting the attention of potential customers inside a supermarket, we can also attract the public outside. This concept is known as Out of Home Media. A way to attract the public and generate growing interest in your surface.

What are the advantages and how can it improve sales?

The possibility of having an accurate and more effective planning of any advertising campaign in real time allows you to see the impact of the same campaign at different points, analyse it and adapt the advertising itself to optimise and adapt it at the point of sale.


Digital signage for supermarkets: In Store Targeted Content

One of its best sectors of action are supermarkets; spaces, generally large open spaces, only divided by the aisles of the products that offer numerous points of interest in which we can capture the attention of consumers.

  • Present daily offers, promote products or welcome your customers.
  • It adapts to any space, entrance and exit, in the aisles and on the exit screen to announce the next day’s offers, permanent promotions, etc. The possibilities are endless with digital signage for supermarkets.
  • It is a much more eye-catching marketing strategy in line with everyday habits and devices.
  • Depending on the size of the supermarket we can strategically cover the most susceptible hot spots in an effective and simple way.
  • It should be noted that each promotion can be changed at any time and in a simple way and at a much lower cost.

The four big benefits that Ladorian brings to your business

If we have to summarise how this intelligent revolution will positively affect your supermarket, these four benefits will be the main pillars:

1.- Social benefits.

We reduce the use of paper and other materials that once used must be discarded as in many cases we will not be able to reuse them.

It is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces waste and consumers, who are increasingly aware, prefer to buy from responsible companies that are committed to the environment.

2.- Benefits for personalised marketing

The use of digital displays enhances the user experience in your supermarket.

The management of these devices can control and automate all the screens from a single point and show the right information to the consumer at the right time. This is a breakthrough for marketing strategies.

68% of consumers say they bought a product because a digital screen in the shop caught their attention with an advertisement they were interested in.


3.- Benefits for the consumer.

The omni-channel experience offered by digital displays is « unmatched » by traditional in-store signage.

60% of consumers perceive shopping as a form of entertainment.

Barcode scanners that allow customers to pick up a product, interactive information points, reviews and suggestions and many other services offer a better and more enjoyable shopping experience for customers based on personalisation.


4.- Economic benefits.

Smart Digital Signage has been shown to generate up to 40% more sales in shops

Investment in digital signage also has long-term financial benefits, such as saving workers’ time, reducing costs and increasing tangible brand value.

Ladorian will take your business to a new generation

Revolutionising your point of sale and adapting it to what your customers expect from you is not difficult with Ladorian.

Our team will advise you and accompany you throughout the process ensuring the success and profitability of this thanks to our CMS software and our experience in helping businesses like yours.

Ask us for advice without obligation, our team will contact you to clear all your doubts.

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