How can we apply smart advertising at our point of sale?

All brands and businesses want to create unique advertising content.

Marketing that impacts your audience, increases your sales and boosts your corporate image.

However, until recently this wasn’t easy. Advertising was static and very generic; something that the digital world has changed, offering more dynamism and thanks to intelligent content we can now personalise it, boosting its effectiveness and increasing sales.

The right digital transformation will renew your image increasing your sales rates. It may seem difficult, but nothing could be further from the truth, do you want to find out?

Then keep reading our article!

How digital transformation affects your marketing strategy

When we talk about digital content we usually think of online businesses, however, it can also be used in physical points of sale through digital screens or digital signage.

Retail spaces offer high levels of conversion. Extending and optimising the retail experience for our customers in physical spaces increases the effectiveness of offline strategies by up to 30%

However, there is a drawback; the high number of advertising impacts that people receive every day, and through more and more media.

The solution is to create good digital content, which will make your brand stand out from the rest and attract consumers to it.

How we attract our audience

Creating digital content requires three things: a good strategy, a lot of creativity and knowing the needs of your ideal client to be able to offer them that differential value at all times.

And it is in this last point where smart content plays a fundamental role.

Attraction marketing and smart content

If we want to capture the attention of our audience, we must offer them things that interest them, either out of desire or need. To achieve this, there is no choice but to know our consumer.

Measuring the flow of customers in your business, the hot spots or busiest areas in your premises, their socio-demographic profile or their behaviour and even external factors such as the weather, will help us to achieve this objective.

Know your customers’ tastes

Through the use of point-of-sale devices, we can obtain all the data that will give us the information we need to carry out the most important task: to analyse and draw the necessary conclusions to carry out a smart digital signage strategy.

Creating Smart Content

The data we have extracted will be the basis for the creation of smart content for our strategy; in other words, we will create videos, images, infographics and all kinds of digital content.

Content that, in addition to helping us to improve our sales and enhance our brand of our physical point of sale, is also useful for the internal branding of companies as we will see below with some examples from the checklist:

  • Display social networks on digital signage.
  • Encourage interaction through QR codes to get more data from your audience.
  • Share company values with your employees.
  • Motivate your employees by showing their achievements, goals, etc.
  • Use them to promote offers and promotions.
  • Show the features of your products.
  • Entertain customers while they wait.
  • Use them as a directory to guide your customers.
  • Display opening hours.

In addition, digital signage allows a very fast adaptation capacity. If the message isn’t right and needs to be changed, you don’t have to rely on a new print of a traditional static sign.

How we disseminate smart advertising at the point of sale

Smart Digital Signaged Advertising

By using a digital signage system we will display this content in a dynamic and customised way.

We anticipate our customer of the future, so that when they visit our establishment we can offer them, through different devices, our products and/or services in advance and in a personalised way, optimising their UX and our sales ratio.

As you can see, transforming your physical space to increase your sales with 21st century technology is not difficult if you know how to do it and have a company specialised in digital transformation to carry it out.

We hope you found our article useful. If so, don’t hesitate to leave your comments and share it so that others can also discover how to improve the sales and image of their business.

See you next time!

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