Smart Marketing: show them what they want to see

Smart marketing leads the growth processes of those companies that carry out a clear and solid digital strategy.

Intelligent recommendation instore, based on Artificial Intelligence and other techniques such as Machine Learning or Business Intelligence, are the fundamental pillar of these strategies that are making a difference in many areas and especially in the retail sector.

How does smart marketing work?

Smart marketing needs to have access to customer data – data that is generated at a point of sale every day without even realising it – in order to carry out direct and effective communication with your public, in terms of the conversion of your products and services.

Customer Data that is generated in real time, that we can measure and analyse at the same pace, and that is the starting point for our intelligent recommendation engine.

By applying clustering techniques we can segment them according to certain common traits; and their purchasing characteristics associated with the products and/or services you offer at your point of sale.

With all this information, the next step is to choose a series of algorithms that serve to anticipate the possible future choices of customers and, therefore, allow us to recommend those products or services with a high probability of being purchased.

The information resulting from this process allows companies such as Ladorian to apply a series of algorithms that will help us to predict the purchasing needs of our audience and those products and services that are most likely to be purchased.

Smart Marketing’s impact in the Last Mile

It is in the last mile, where smart marketing strategies tend to give very good results given the high number of impulse purchases that are carried out.

A very best first targeting defines the customer journey in a accurate way increases impulse purchases in business and retail, increasing the average spending of the public.

The model defines the recommendations

These consumption predictions, based on the habits and purchases of consumers, needs to be made the necessary adjustments and corrections to optimise their effectiveness thanks to real-time mediation and analysis.

Our algorithms sets up in real time to reach the level of effectiveness we want to achieve.

Recommendation, personalisation and content marketing engine

Smart Marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing at retail, overcome the last one in its search for those products and services that the public may like and be interested in, and with an unprecedented level of effectiveness.

We increase the personalisation of the offer and therefore its impact and conversion.

Ladorian’s recommendation engines are perfectly integrated in this context. Real success and guaranteed sales growth based on your business data.

Let’s look at two examples:

  1. Hotel chains use intelligent recommendation engines to show their customers special promotions defined according to their characteristics, tastes and preferences.
  2. Supermarkets offer complementary products, offers and promotions depending on the profile of the public in each time slot to boost cross-selling.

Depending on the time of year, type of family, socio-demographic profile and a lot of other information, they offer highly personalised proposals and offers at each time of the year.


Smart offline recommendation systems are transforming traditional business models, not only as a sales-boosting strategy, but also as a highly effective and relevant in loyalty strategy.

What does our customer need, what can we provide? Our AI-based recommendation systems are the tools that will give you those answers and help you increase your sales by more than 30%.

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