Smart Content, the in-store marketing revolution

Smart Content is an innovative advertising format where combinate the use of data and business intelligence to create smart digital content at the sale points or retails.

The most relevant aspect of Smart Content is that the advertising content is dynamic and adapts according to the audience at any given moment. A new concept that has revolutionised the world of marketing and sales by allowing us to create and adapt personalised content for our audience in real time.

Every day more and more companies stop seeing Smart Data and its entire ecosystem as something very innovative and distant, to perceive it as a revolutionary tool that offers innovation and a clear competitive advantage, without requiring a high advertising investment.

Do you want to transform your business and improve your sales? If the answer is yes, then don’t hesitate to keep reading our article! We will explain what is Smart Data and how you can set it up effectively at your sale poin or retaile. Let’s get started!

What does Smart Content offer companies?

Smart content is used in the creation of marketing strategies with the aim of offering customized messages to make personal experiences for each customer.

Through CMS management software and the use of artificial intelligence, offline data (sales, stock, traffic, etc.) as well as external facts that may affect them (weather, sporting events, etc.) are analysed in order to create a predictive model of the behaviour and interests of their audience.

The aim is to offer customers a one-to-one experience that improves their perception of the brand and serves to generate more revenue.

Smart Data sets the trend in intelligent content

One of the most innovative aspects of smart content is the use of smart data.

Unlike Big Data, it focuses not only on the quantity and velocity of data, but also on the value and quality of the information for future applications.

Thanks to smart data, among other elements, we can generate and automate quality marketing at points of sale or advertising spaces to communicate with the public through a digital signage system.

Smart marketing content at the sale points

Smart content has revolutionised marketing strategy at points of sale creating a new digital marketing strategy: Smart Digital Signage Strategy.

These strategies are based on the creation of smart digital advertising. The public can see through digital screens with personalised content developed from artificial intelligence and smart data.

This kind of marketing is revolutionising the outlets, resulting in an increasing number of brands and businesses such as supermarkets, hotels or petrol stations.

Businesses with points of sale decide to implement a Smart Digital Signage strategy as a very effective tool to improve brand fellings and increase sales.

What are the benefits of implementing a smart content strategy at points of sale?

  • Connect with the right audience.
  • Focusing attention on your businessIncrease sales.
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • Boost engagement with customers.
  • Deliver a better customer experience.

How can we create that smart content?

By combining AI with data, analytics and automation, Smart Content helps transform businesses by processing and analysing large volumes of data related to their activity.

With this information we can create smart content marketing strategies on digital signage or digital advertising screens.

This will help you to differentiate yourself from the competition. Iimprove communication with your audience and influence the sales process of your customers in shops or points of sale.

How can Ladorian help you create a Smart Content strategy?

Ladorian specialises in smart and customized data-driven communication in the point of sales. It was created to create a new experience for consumers through intelligent and cost-effective digitisation at the point of sale, using personalised messages.

Thanks to our CMS Smart Data software you will be able to:

  • Create campaigns based on a predictive model and programmed rules based on consumer profile, stock and sales, among other variables.
  • Through the recommendation module, identify complementary products, increasing cross-selling.
  • Increase sales of advertised products by 30% thanks to the broadcasting of personalised messages with our Prime Time Algorithms.
  • Analyse your entire business with our dynamic KPI’s, taking advantage of the statistical information collected.

What do you think about Smart Content?

As you can see, the creation of intelligent content is the present and future of advertising at the point of sale or physical spaces for all those brands or companies that want to adapt to a new way of communicating with their audience, in a much more personalised, closer and effective way.

A tool that has been democratised, allowing so many businesses to strengthen their image with the public and increase their sales through intelligent digital content strategies with an accessible and very profitable investment.

We hope that our article has helped you to learn a little bit more about the fascinating world of Smart Data and to propose you to implement it in your business.

If you liked it, don’t forget to leave us your questions or comments, we’ll be happy to read them!

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