The ROPO phenomenon is back, and stronger than ever!

ROPO or webrooming trend refers to those consumers who, when buying a product, first search or consult the internet before finalising the purchase in a physical establishment.

This trend, which for many years had declined in comparison to other consumption models such as showrooming, has returned with more strength than ever as more and more consumers prefer to purchase their products and services in Retail Businesses as they offer a much more complete and personalised shopping experience.

Retailers are seeing their sales increase thanks to this phenomenon and we want to delve deeper to analyse the causes that are causing it.

Here we go!

What is the ROPO effect? Research Online Purchase Offline

Searching online and buying offline is the profile of the ROPO consumer. Users who choose to complete their purchases in-store where they can appreciate product features, eliminate shipping delays and have access to more products as online catalogues tend to be smaller.

ROPO and Digital Strategies 

Retail businesses, now far from the confrontation that has been taking place for many years with online businesses, have seen how the digital world is a great ally to attract potential customers.

While it is true that for every four online purchases, 5 purchases are made at the point of sale, ROPO consumers spend 35% more on average. This difference is largely due to the investment in in-store advertising that retailers are making.

Investments focused on digital display systems that allow services and products to be offered in a more sophisticated way and in line with what users are used to.

Not only this, but in many cases point-of-sale advertising can be adapted in an automated way according to customers’ consumption patterns and habits.

Synergy whether shops and the internet is key

Another relevant fact is that compared to the 7% of shoppers who do Showrooming (search in shops to buy online), Webrooming reaches 21%.

Retail outlets must create a multi-channel strategy that encompasses both spaces to attract consumers to their physical space.

Smartphone devices play a fundamental role in this strategy as, with the increase in local commerce and the delocalisation of purchases, many users use these devices to carry out the research phase and to be able to go in person to nearby points of sale to finalise the purchase.

How intelligent digital signage can help your ROPO strategy

Ladorian’s smart digital communication systems empower ROPO strategies by increasing the synergy that occurs at the point of sale by analysing your business and profiling customers based on the data it generates.

Using Artificial Intelligence and our Prime Time algorithm, Ladorian creates patterns of consumer behaviour that allow us to know the characteristics of the public that comes to your business depending on the time, day or external factors.

Once these patterns have been defined and through the use of our management software applied to different communication systems such as LED screens, we will display personalised advertising in real time at strategic points in your physical space, generating a greater impact and applying Cross Selling and Up Selling techniques, or interaction and loyalty strategies, among many others.

A service totally adapted and personalised according to the characteristics of your business that guarantees a real increase in sales of more than 30%.

The risk of ignoring this pattern of consumption is to lose countless sales opportunities to those competitors who have opted for the digital revolution at the point of sale.

Are you going to be left behind? Adapting is much easier than you can imagine and Ladorian helps you to get it.

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