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Customer’s allegiance has become one of the greatest challenges for retailers around the world as customers now have a large amount of purchasing options in a highly competitive retail market.

In this new commerce reality, users will quickly explore an alternative for their purchases if a brand has not fulfilled their expectations, whether in terms of price, product, or shopping experience.

In order to address the increasingly difficult challenge of customer fidelity, retailers are looking for new technological solutions that help them take advantage of their most important asset, customer data.

If we have something clear from Ladorian is that omnichannel boosts customers loyalty through personalized experience based on the data obtained in physical spaces, responding directly to the customers desire to obtain relevance, added value and well-being.


Smart Data: The road to a new relationship “Customer – Retailer”

In an increasingly omnichannel context, providing personalized and unique experiences to our customers is one of the main challenges that companies must face.

Thanks to modern technologies and Big Data, we can now obtain valuable information to implement new and more effective loyalty strategies. However, companies do not always have a professional team with good solutions to use this data to their advantage and take the step to Smart Data.

Customer’s allegiance is becoming more important, but at the same time is much more difficult to encourage.

Collecting high-quality data from our current customers is the only way we can make opportune personalized offers. Without quality data we would be spamming.


Data-driven omnichannel loyalty strategies

Omnichannel allegiance programs and strategies focus on improving shopping experience across all channels.

In other words, increasing the contribution of value through each and every one of the points of contact, from the website to the physical stores.

From an omnichannel point of view, customers interact with our brand on a variety of platforms, devices and channels and expect each of them to work together in a consistent way.

Consistency is a key component of the omnichannel allegiance program. However, in the digital eon, it is no longer enough to send a promotional message across all sales channels.

Omnichannel allegiance programs can include personalized offers and recommendations, a streamlined checkout process, and instant access across multiple devices.

Faced with this new situation, retailers must be prepared to adapt and innovate their fidelity programs on a regular basis.

Smart Data Omnicanal

Top benefits of omnichannel retail

  1. Semi-automated solutions.
  2. Omni-device retail.
  3. Drive compulsive and complementary sales.
  4. Greater speed and number of payment options.
  5. Better shopping experience and engagement with consumers.

Personalized experiences based on data.

Nowadays brands need to collect and work with retail databases throughout the customer journey to ensure that supply matches demand and thus increase the chances that customers will return to buy our products and services.

Merchants must analyze customer segments and select the most relevant features by offering their clients the most targeted promotions based on data that we have previously collected.

Therefore, in order to compete successfully and provide a satisfying shopping experience to their customers, physical stores will need to harness the full potential of smart data.

For this it will be essential to obtain a profile of our potential clients as accurately as possible in order to identify which potential buyers are more likely to respond to specific promotional and/or marketing offers, which not only increases fidelity, but also helps retailers improve their results identifying which segments of the market are most profitable.

The value of taking a data-driven approach to a customer engagement is clear. However, many still face challenges in implementing such strategies.

Finally, a true omnichannel marketing strategy to reach and retain your customers.

At Ladorian we upgrade your business with everything you need to promote and optimize customer fidelity.

We design omnichannel marketing strategies placing the customer at the center and through our AI-driven recommendations engine we address each user in a personalized way through different channels.

Our technology is designed to harness data from physical stores for greater relevance and personalization through offers that will drive your sales.

Are you ready to capture the attention of your consumers and boost customer loyalty in physical spaces? Contact our sales team and talk to one of our experts completely free of charge.

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