Highly personalised customer shopping experience based on AI

Hyper-personalising the customer shopping experience with Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence at the point of sale is a necessity. Its implementation will depend on achieving the satisfaction of increasingly demanding users who expect to receive a unique and personalised shopping experience.

The Covid-19 virus has accelerated the growth of offline businesses and the digitisation of many of them. The role of companies like Ladorian is to provide technology solutions based on AI technology, which is key to meeting this demand.

The incorporation of this technology and changes in consumer habits have revolutionised the rules of the game in offline advertising. Innovation and development to be able to offer hyper-personalised and segmented advertising, which really makes marketing and communication investments profitable, giving strength to the Last Mile at the point of sale.

The new era of the more demanding customer

Impatient, informed and especially demanding with the information we offer. A new consumer that is forcing brands to reinvent purchasing processes towards highly segmented and adapted models.

A need to improve consumers’ access to the products and services that most interest them and awaken their desire to buy them.

Brand communication at the point of sale must be aligned with their habits and preferences. The advertising we offer them, now and in the future, will be personalised in the same way, making use of this information, analysing it and updating it in real time.

In this way we will be able to target advertising impacts in a more effective and impactful way. In the same way, we will reach those who are closest to us in the shop’s area of influence during their journey.

All In One Smart Contents

In order to meet these new market and consumer demands, Ladorian´s team do not stop  working on the development of new technological solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.

The recommendation managers developed from this technology and other derived applications allow us to contextualise communication and advertising impacts to a more segmented and homogeneous audience.

Predictive models based on the data generated by your business, integrated into a single platform and automated, which maximises the customer experience and optimises their satisfaction during the purchase process at the point of sale.

Thanks to the storage and analysis of information, we can show and offer the public what they want and may be interested in throughout the purchase journey and interactions with the brand.

Our AI-based recommendation system applies our algorithms on all this information to predict these trends and behaviours of consumer groups or market segments at your point of sale or retail.

The Last Mile makes difference in sales

Recommendation managers offer us the possibility of making the Last Mile of your point of sale improve sales by more than 30% through multichannel digital communication.

The incorporation of new technological developments brings with it major changes in the retail sector and retail outlets: hyper-personalisation of communication actions; the media’s ability to structure information based on credibility; reinvention of shops based on new socio-demographic factors and innovation in physical businesses.

The challenge of the Last Mile is to make the necessary investments and changes in order to improve stock management, increase conversions into sales and take advantage of opportunities for brand positioning.
We can help you meet this challenge with the guarantee of knowing that you will get real results, trust Ladorian and consult our professionals!


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