The Future of Physical Stores: Digitization and Experience

El Futuro de las Tiendas Físicas

It is no secret that retailers are currently facing new challenges and communication challenges in order to enhance the shopping experience and customer loyalty at points of sale.

We are surely at the most important moment in history, in terms of consumption changes, in the history of mankind.

Even the internet did not mean such a big change in the ways of consumption as the Covid-19 has supposed.

In recent months, with Covid as an engine, we have seen how many large players in the retail sector have boosted their technological investments in physical stores, offering a better personalized shopping experience to their customers through an omnichannel strategy.

Today, due to the great changes facing the sector, we must be closer to our clients to get a clear understanding of what their challenges and expectations are and adapt our strategies and capabilities to what the market demands.

Do you want to know how we can face this new challenge? Do you want to know which technologies will be essential to not miss the train? We will tell you!


New challenges and challenges in Retail

As we have mentioned, the pandemic has managed to accelerate the entire digitization process of companies in several years.

Faced with this digitization, many businesses have the doubt whether electronic commerce will end up causing the disappearance of the physical store, something that from Ladorian we are very clear: NO. They are and must be complementary.

The comprehensive digitization process that we are witnessing has caused the customer to go from having a single channel to thinking omnichannel. For this reason, it is more important than ever to take advantage of all the information from offline data or cookies off into valuable information to make strategic business decisions.

Ultimately, it is about changing our relationship with the client culturally, technologically and logistically.

For this, it will be essential to actively listen to the customer to satisfy their demand in physical stores in the way that best suits them. Let’s put the client at the center and create personalized physical experiences around their main tastes and needs.

In view of this objective, it will be key to refine all digitality processes and bring the customer experience towards a complete omnichannel (ON / OFF), eliminating the points of friction between the different actors of the retail ecosystem.

But how do we do it? First of all, we must think about what problems we want to solve and how data (and technology) can help us achieve those goals.

Here we explain how technology can help us to better understand our physical store visitors.


How can we take advantage of new technologies to create personalized shopping experiences?

Technology has always been considered as an efficient provider of processes and effectiveness in physical stores, but perhaps many entrepreneurs have not understood that the true potential of technology is to be able to understand and interact with users, knowing better what their needs are and their buying behaviors, in order to be able to offer a satisfactory and different shopping experience.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, Big Data, recommendation systems, chatbots, blockchain, robotization, geolocation, sensors … are just some of the protagonists of the great changes that are going to mark the Retail sector.

Undoubtedly, the great penetration of mobile use by consumers is what has promoted the beginning of the technological future in Retail.

In short, through the treatment of data obtained at the point of sale and the use of AI, algorithms and other tools, we analyze consumer behavior and process it to design personalized communication strategies in real time.

The disruptive impact of big data artificial intelligence in physical stores is appreciated throughout the value chain and is emerging as a powerful tool for brands to obtain a strategic advantage over their competition.


How is data analytics and AI helping revolutionize physical business?

  • Real-time activation of data-driven messages.
  • Detection of the best hours and days to broadcast the content at the point of sale.
  • Chatbots to help with customer service.
  • Creation of personalized offers in real time to increase customer acquisition rates.
  • Demand prediction: Effective supply chain management and logistics.
  • Business Intelligence: Personalization and knowledge of the client.
  • Smart product search.
  • Automation of store processes.

At Ladorian we promote your business through data, enhancing the relationship with your customers in a personalized way. We convert data into knowledge to design marketing strategies in real time and increase promotional sales up to 30% in physical spaces.

We are prepared to take your business to another level

Retail businesses or retailers face a new scenario in physical spaces that allows communication and interaction possibilities with consumers like never before.

A new way of communicating with the public, totally personalized and based on data, which also allows us to merge the online and offline world, using these new intelligent technological tools with the aim of improving the experience and customer service.

Our intelligent algorithms based on these tools allow us to lead this digital revolution project that will mark a before and after in the retail sector.

At Ladorian we start from the basis that each customer is unique and their shopping experience will be personalized based on their tastes and preferences.

You want to know more? Contact our commercial department and create a more relevant and personalized experience for your store visitors.

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