Emotion AI will disrupt your marketing strategy


Connecting with the public’s feelings is the main goal around communication strategy at the point of sale to raise revenues and enhance the brand perception.

Knowing the tastes, preferences, needs or buying habits of the public will help to awaken their basic emotions that translate into a greater number of conversions as well as strengthening customer loyalty towards your business.

And how can we achieve this? Your business data is the key; all the information generated every will bring a better understand and respond to the emotions of consumers.

Let’s see how to use that data to generate emotions.

The Heart of Digital Transformation: Emotional Intelligence

Using data to respond to emotions

When you meet a person, and you give them a gift, all the information you have about them will help you choose something they are sure to like. All that data is your best tool to make the right choice and offer something that will appeal to that person’s emotions.

Your company or business can do the same; if you know the tastes, needs or interests of your audience you will be able to offer that answer, capture their attention and transmit the corresponding emotions.

Where do you find this information? Retails generate it at all time

The data generated in your retail can be converted into an intelligent communication strategy that integrates sensations and emotions in real time; it allows you to put a face to your customers and generate an emotional connection that motivates them to make decisions that improve sales.

Smart Intelligence helps you build these emotions

By processing offline point-of-sale data and using AI, algorithms and other tools, we analyse and process it to extract consumer behavioural patterns and turn them into real and effective intelligent communication strategies.

AI will help us to offer that perfect message adapted to the emotions we want to transmit.

Emotional marketing strategies at the point of sale based on data and its analysis to generate basic emotions to consumers are a good communication strategy as they are easily understood by all types of people.

The analysis of all this information allows you to detect the profile of customers who visit your business depending on the time of day and time slots or their behaivour habits. This will help you to present them with proposals that really capture their attention and arouse the necessary emotions for them to decide to buy or acquire it.



Smart responses with Smart Digital Signage feelings

You don’t have to convince, you have to excite and adapt your messages according to what your audience expects to receive. Smart Digital Signage strategies help to achieve this through emotional marketing actions based on personalised content.

They are the most effective for generating emotions once we have created those consumption models. If we already know in advance what kind of customers will be at the point of sale, why not adapt the content in real time?

Content is at the service of emotions

Empathy is the key to emotional marketing; Artificial Intelligence allows us to know and offer a real response to needs, desires and emotions. In other words, it helps us to put ourselves in their shoes to create an emotional bond.

If you know in advance the profile of the public that comes to your point of sale in the evenings, you can adapt the content to offer a real solutions to the consumers at your point of sale and at every precise moment.

Offering emotions will enhance your brand

We will briefly outline some of the benefits for your business and communication strategies.

≫ Better response to their needs
≫ Increased sales and conversions
≫ Increased customer bonding
≫ Encourage recommendation
≫ Brand recall and loyalty
≫ Improve satisfaction

You can generate emotions that translate into more sales and a better brand image!

Achieving this is easier than you think and Ladorian wants to go hand in hand with you in the digital revolution in your retail. Contact with our professionals!


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