How can data management help us contribute to a sustainable economy?

Nowadays both clients expectations as of society in general, are boosting consumption and production to policies in benefit of the planet.

We are starting a new era in the circular economy in were “once is never enough”. The products and business must be designed for regeneration and optimization instead of occurring, giving in and being discarded.

Is your business sustainable, equitable and ethical? Nowadays, Do you have the option if not?

From Ladorian we tell you how new technologies, data and analysis are helping retail companies achieve their sustainable objectives.

Why sustainability digitalization must be inseparable in the new economy?

In occasions it is complicated remembering how much things have changed in the months that have passed since Covid-19 seized the world.

Sustainability now has as much to do with the ability to recover of a business like the planet, and both benefit in consequence.

The binomial that represents digitization and sustainability of the shops represents a big opportunity to offer consumers and the world what they need at each moment.

If we have one thing clear from Ladorian is that digitization is key to obtaining the goals and objectives of sustainable development raised by society and the businesses that boost this socioeconomic transformation will have a positive effect on individual results, but also in the social collective.

In this perspective, businessmen must assume responsibility, such as transparency and social commitment and impose them in our business model in relation to what our customers demand.

We must understand that the limits between the digital and physical world do no longer exist and we must start designing from a phygital perspective, in which we must put our clients in the center and offer them shopping experiences adapted to their tastes and unique commitments.

Attending the reality of the new world where more and more the economy of advanced service imposes and technology helps to reach with quickness this new opportunities. Assuming that talent now is divided into 5 generations of professionals that coexist and serve entrepreneurship with passion and enthusiasm.

Data management ethically and sustainably in retail.

Companies are only sustainable on firm ethical principles and values. If society does not perceive your company as ethical, you will end up deprived of its support, which will inevitably lead to your demise, perhaps sooner rather than later.

At this point we want to appeal to responsibility and transparency, it is not just about complying with global laws and regulations. Responsibility has to do with the reliability and integrity of data sources, understanding and assimilating the risk and possible consequences of the development and use of data and AI to ensure that new tools and technologies are developed and used ethically.

Structure of the new smart business models.

Currently, entrepreneurs and retailers are immersed in a true revolution due to the convergence of computing technologies, big data and AI. Every minute that passes consumers generate countless videos, messages and digital content; all areas are being transformed and retailers that do not adapt to this new situation run the risk of losing competitiveness.

Faced with this situation, the intelligent company approach triumphs, integrating these new technological and information solutions in a collaborative way into its business strategy and operations in order to grow efficiently.

Companies that fully understand technological innovation, in particular digitization, to optimize their efficiency and evolve towards sustainable behavior, are almost three times more likely to recover quickly, emerge stronger from the crisis and “lead tomorrow”.

Main aspects for the intelligent transformation of businesses.

  • Governance (Strategic, efficient and transparent vision)
  • Innovation (Management of processes, products and services, marketing and training)
  • Technology (Digitization, data analysis and artificial intelligence)
  • Sustainability (Socioeconomic development and optimization of resources)
  • Accessibility (Technological tools and accessibility management)

Cómo Ladorian puede ayudar a las tiendas físicas en su proceso de digitalización sostenible

Renew or die.

Right now we are facing a great opportunity to create a new economy that puts innovation and respect for the environment.

If there is one thing that is clear to us, it is that companies that have a strategy based on sustainability must promote it through digitization.

The intersection of digital technologies with sustainability has tremendous value, not only in accelerating economic recovery from the pandemic, but also in positioning for future growth.

For this reason, at Ladorian we help retailers and entrepreneurs around the world to design their own sustainable digitization processes based on data.

Recommendation engines, based on Artificial Intelligence and other techniques such as Machine Learning or Business Intelligence, are the fundamental pillar of marketing strategies at the point of sale that are making a difference in the retail sector… Why not take advantage of their benefits with the aim of optimizing processes at all levels and contributing sustainably to the environment?

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