Experience and data-driven measurement: The new age of the customer

Experiencia Cliente Datos

Consumers have changed. Their behaviours, values and expectations have led to drastic changes in their buying habits, which are increasingly influenced by the experience and perception of services and products.

Experiences, feelings and emotions are the driving force that pushes consumers to make purchases motivated by emotional rather than rational motives.

A new consumer profile that is already a trend and that will mark the future of how businesses and points of sale must communicate with the public if they want it to translate into better results.

Therefore, we cannot measure the consumer experience without the necessary data, just as we cannot create optimised experiences without it. They both feed into each other and the solution lies in creating an up-to-date model that is able to measure, analyse and interrelate the two.

And how can we achieve this? It’s easier than you might think and Ladorian can help you achieve it. Read on!

Creating data-driven experiences

Measuring Customer Experience is fundamental and data is our best source of information for creating tailored customer experiences.

What you don’t measure you can’t control and what you don’t control you can’t manage.

At Ladorian we apply the most advanced data-driven technology models to design, implement and manage measurement models that allow us to “predict”.

In other words,we optimise the creation of the customer experience based on the data: the information we can collect about them at your point of sale and the variables in your environment.

Customer experience transformation model

Our model is based on capture, analysis and measurement. By applying Artificial Intelligence we will be able to understand customer behaviour, detect their needs and predict how the current customer experience can impact their future behaviour.

All this translates into a better experience for your customers without driving up your point of sale advertising costs and guaranteeing not only a return on investment, but also an increase in your sales.

How does our model help you meet the needs of today’s environment?

  • Using Big Data we can determine what we want to measure and what we are going to do with this information in the design of the data-driven experience creation model if we want to build a solid foundation that allows us to make effective and profitable decisions.
  • Target audience segmentation by analysing demographics, behavioural patterns, stock and inventory or shop heat maps to predict needs and preferences to create personalised shopping experiences.
  • We define the best communication channels such as Digital Signage at strategic points in your physical space to boost cross-selling or reduce the so-called “leakage risks” among many others.
  • Our exclusive Prime Time Algorithm allows us to analyse the metrics and indicators of your business to carry out intelligent communication and advertising actions with greater effectiveness that increase conversions at your point of sale.
  • Thanks to our software, we adapt in real time and automatically at your point of sale the advertising actions according to the objectives we want to achieve.
  • We measure behavioural patterns chronologically that allow us to detect trends that are repeated over a long period of time or in specific periods.

Interpretation of results

One of the main benefits of our system is the measurement and interpretation of data to transform it into effective communication that optimises the shopping experience.

In addition to AI, tools such as Machine Learning or Business Intelligence allow us to interpret the information accurately, extracting the really important information.

Being able to detect trends and predict buying habits determines the success of your advertising campaigns at the point of sale.

At Ladorian, a company specialised in the implementation of intelligent communication systems, we are fully aware of this and we want to help you create unique experiences by accompanying you during your digital renewal process in what is known as “The Age of the Customer”.

Don’t wait any longer and consult us!

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