Tips for delivering valuable content in-store

Many physical shops tend to fall into the monotony of the usual marketing strategies. They have posters that have been in the same place for years, they always put out the same Christmas decorations, and they use messages that are outdated or irrelevant. But they fundamentally overlook the importance and criticality of personalising communications with valuable content.

Digitising the content of physical shops is undoubtedly a trend that is changing the way offline businesses interact with visitors and the way in which profits are made. That said, it is likely and understandable that at the beginning when you start implementing this strategy, there is uncertainty, you don’t quite know where to start or where to go from here, and as you go along, there are some challenges to solve along the way.

But it’s definitely worth daring: discovering which products or services are the right ones, and offering content about them at the right time, increases the chances of generating sales, loyalty and differentiation from competitors, among many other benefits. Shall we start?

The keys to valuable content

Valuable content is content that offers information or entertainment in a unique, creative and relevant way. While broadcasting such content in the physical space, it becomes especially effective because it has the added bonus of doing so in a secure context for the company and at an optimal time that favours last mile sales.

Identify what to avoid in your content strategy:

  • Show irrelevant content: messages that do not respond to any needs or questions of visitors to the business.
  • Not to be dynamic, not to be eye-catching:communicate outdated messages, use cliché phrases, or be repetitive. Do not encourage interaction and exchange.
  • Delivering messages at the wrong time: either sooner or later. For a message to have a positive effect, it is not enough just what we say, but it is vital that it is delivered at the precise moment when the receiver is ready to receive it.
old poster

3 issues to address when planning valuable content:

  • Objective: which metrics, processes or KPIs we want to improve in the short, medium and long term.
  • Audience: who our customers are, what their issues are and how we could deliver innovative solutions and experiences that solve their needs while increasing revenues.
  • Channels: to bet on an omnichannel strategy to complement all media, whether digital and/or physical, in order to have coherence at all points of contact between the customer and our content, while at the same time enriching each other and enhancing the shopping experience.

How to create valuable content efficiently?

Producing valuable content is a recurring task. The same customer has different needs over time. Sometimes you need a guide to help you choose the perfect product. At another time you have questions and want to be advised to choose between one option or the other. At other times they want to interact directly with the products and services and take full control of the process.

customer choosing products

If we think that this happens with each of the different types of audiences, at different times, that evolves, changes, increases and decreases. It seems clear that we need to consider not only what to consider when creating this valuable content, but how to do it in a scalable and efficient way.

The key: using the right technologies to add value to your content

Smart technologies are available to enable agile and effective digitisation of in-store content. They assist in the collection and analysis of massive data, enable the automation of processes, and increase the reach and quantity of our content. You just have to find the right one.

Broadcasts strategic and omni-channel content through Ladorian

Ladorian’s intelligent software offers multiple solutions. Some of which are especially useful for making content succeed in your shop and business. How do we achieve this? We focus on various levels of data analysis, and various sources. We combine internal and external data, in real time, to automatically deliver the products or services that customers need.

We achieve high-impact and valuable content by analysing psychological, social and consumer data of visitors, users or customers. This while preserving their anonymity and privacy. At the same time, we evaluate contextual data, such as weather or traffic information, which helps us to deliver it at the ideal time.

valuable content and in-store technology

In addition, our tool is easy to use and allows for expansion, from the same platform it is possible to communicate on different channels. Among them:

  • Screens
  • Mobiles
  • Apps
  • Sound equipment
  • Product labels or manuals
  • Payment boxes
  • Smart trolleys

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