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Reinventing the retail commerce: In-store personalized content strategies

In the new normality of the retail commerce the consumers have quickly adapted to the changes due to Covid-19; Most of the buyers have discovered the benefit of online shopping, there is no doubt that physical shops would have an important paper in the retail scene.

Currently in the post-covid world we can observe a positive and encouraging point of view that invites physical shops to offer new customer experience, more fluent, attractive, and personalized, in all channels (physical and online); giving the commerce the resilience to make changes nimbly with the objective of adapting to the changing necessities and new trends in the retail commerce.

We must reimagine the retail commerce with the correct tools to complete the objective of inspiring the more traditional retail commerce to forget about competing with Amazon and to focus on their own businesses, experiences, and personal brands.

If we have one thing clear in Ladorian is that change and evolution is the only path to follow, and customer experience must be in the center of retail strategy.

We are aware that in certain occasions a change of mentality is required for the business to adopt the nimbleness and make the effort of satisfying the new necessities of the potential clients. For this reason, Ladorian accompanies you in the digital revolution of your physical space.

Connecting with the feelings, tastes and preferences of the public is no longer and option, it has become a duty and it must be the objective of a great personalized communication strategy in the point of sale, whose objective is to increase income, enhance brand image and improve our clients shopping experience.

But… How can we achieve it? Through data and digitization of our businesses and the creation of a suitable content strategy to each client in real time.

“The combination of IA and Data Analytics allows us to create dynamic content through digital signage systems in our physical spaces with the goal of encouraging shopping with content and publicity adjusted in real time.”

Personalized communication strategy in physical spaces

At the moment of designing a personalized content strategy in a physical space we must ask us the next question: How can we improve de shopping experience in our physical shop and increase our income?

Communication in the point of sale must be aligned with the habits and preferences of our potential clients and visitors.

To achieve this, as entrepreneurs we must have the best information possible to make a great decision and have more knowledge of our public.

Combining the data, (shopping data, location data, mobilization data) we will be able to create a greater value to the customers in a personalized way.

To accomplish this new market requirements, from Ladorian’s team we work unceasingly in the development of innovating technological solutions based on artificial intelligence. The recommended motor developed from this technology permits us to contextualize the data to optimize the communication and the publicity impact to a more segmented and homogenic public.

“Physical spaces offer us high levels of conversion. Widening and optimizing de shopping experience of our clients in the physical spaces increases the effectivity of strategies in the offline world.”

Defining content strategy based on data

Through the usage of different devices in the points of sale we achieve obtaining the data that will give us the information that we need to carry out the most important task: Analysing and obtaining the necessary conclusions to carry out a smart digital content strategy.

The extracted information will be the base for the creation of the dynamic content strategy; we will issue videos, images, infographics, and all kind of digital content in real time according to the profile of the client.

The recommended engines based on artificial intelligence and other techniques like Machine Learning or Business Intelligence are the mainstay of this strategies that are marking the difference in many areas, specially in the retail sector.

Smart Digital Content Strategy

  1. Insights: Analyse own- and third-party data, to make them actionable.
  2. Creative ideation: Designing histories and promotions specifically based on data.
  3. Create content: Assigning the history to the creation of content team in function of each type.
  4. Distribute: Distribute the content in the specific channels in function of the audience.
  5. Measure and optimize: Measure out correctly the campaign to identify the contents that work better.

Ladorian as technology and commercial partner

In conclusion, a business able of contextualizing data and outlining their clients in a shop instantly can impact in a unique and more relevant way to the targeted audiences, reducing the advertising saturation and improving the shopping experience.

For this reason, Ladorian is created, to contribute and help businesses in the retail sector transforming and optimizing of business across data and AI creating a communication strategy in the physical space in a totally personalized way.

We are prepared to carry out your business to another level leading the digital conversion project. Contact our commercial team and request a totally free advisory.

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