Customer Journey, a trip to sell and build loyalty

When a person enters a shop, there is usually a high probability that they will make a purchase. Unlike a website, the person who enters a point of sale is in the last phase of the sales funnel or, in other words, the final phase before the purchase process.

However, do you know how the customer journey influences the sales of your business? Do you use a communication strategy and an effective conversion funnel in your shop to encourage sales?

You have to know how to communicate with an increasingly demanding public that we must get to know better and better if we want to increase our sales, brand image and be able to compete with digital sales spaces.

We must understand their behaviour and their journey through our shop, what they are looking for and take advantage of this opportunity to offer them a value proposition that not only encourages sales but also builds customer loyalty.

Let’s start our journey to find out how to achieve this!

What is Customer Journey?

The public takes a journey through inside of the points of sale; since go through until they make a purchase or leave the store, they pass through different points of contact between the potential customer and the salesperson. This is the Customer Journey.

However, the public is heterogeneous, needs and desires change depending on many factors, so the customer journey of our target will be different depending on their profile.

It is necessary to know and understand the Customer Journey.

The Customer Journey of a retail is developed from our customer data; analysis of offline information, both internal and external, which will help us to stop assuming and really know what our customers need in order to offer it to them at the right time.

Points of sale offer much higher conversion rates than online spaces due to the synergy generated in physical spaces, the sensory aspect and other advantages that encourage purchases and the customer experience within an effective sales strategy.

We will create the customer journey from data analysis.

The analysis of this information through the use of techniques and algorithms allows us to create patterns and predictive models of the type of public and their behaviour in your business. Profile according to time slot or day, most demanded products according to the time of day, complementary products, offers…

These predictive models allow us not only to know our customers, but also to anticipate their needs and be able to offer a real-time response within the sales funnel of our retail.

To achieve this, these predictive models help us to create an smart communication or advertising strategy. Taking advantage of the points of contact through which the public passes during the customer journey to present a value proposition that increases the sales of your business, the average consumption and improves the shopping experience.

How to obtain the customer journey of our business

Technological evolution and the transformation of shopping habits have changed and retailers are facing the challenge of digitisation.

Through the use of innovation and technology they can achieve this, together with the experience and knowledge offered by companies like Ladorian.

Using the best digital tools for data analysis, we develop real sales strategies through Smart Digital Signage at the point of sale, generating an increase in sales of up to 30%. We make the most of the customer journey of your business!

By the way, the customer journey does not end with the purchase.

It is important to remember that the customer journey does not end when a customer makes a purchase; many retailers make this mistake. Within our intelligent communication strategy and our offline sales funnel, there is still way for loyalty, recommendation, rating and other actions.

A simple example is the tablet that asks us for our rating with an emoticon.

If you want to answer these questions and improve the sales of your business do not hesitate to contact Ladorian Ids.

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