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Predict the behaviour of our clients? Yes, It´s possible

Can you imagine that you could satisfy the wants and needs of your customers even before they ask for them?

Welcome to the future! A new world in retail in which predicting customers behaviour is key to improving shopping experience and increase the conversion rate in the last mile.

Nowadays we must be more competitive than ever. Listening to our clients and taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us is really important in retail businesses, since in this way we can achieve an awareness that would otherwise be impossible.

For this reason, if you want to know how to increase your conversion rate in the offline world and improve communication with your clients based on the prediction of their needs… Keep Reading!


How can we predict the behaviour of our clients in physical spaces?

The new consumers, more impatient and informed, are pressing retailers to reinvent themselves and explore new forms of personalized communication with their clients in order to improve access to the products and services that may be of more interest to them.

In the online world we are used to things happening like this, but why not transfer this model and its advantages to the real world, to retail?


Precisely predicting consumer behaviour at the point of sale should be the great challenge for retailers to put the client at the centre of any marketing strategy.


At this time, we can accurately predict what our clients’ needs are at the point of sale by using big data and predictive analytics to analyse behaviour and use it to inform their business decisions

In this sense, technology will be our best ally

The combination of IA and Data Analytics allows us to broadcast personalized dynamic content through digital signage systems in our physical spaces in order to encourage purchases with content and advertising adapted in real time.


How to obtain the data to design our Smart Content strategies?

In order to design a personalized Smart content strategy, it will be indispensable to know and comprehend the Customer Journey of our clients.

The Customer Journey in physical spaces is developed from the data of our clients; analysis of offline information, both internal and external, which will help us stop assuming and really know what our customers need in order to offer it to them at the right time.

“Customer behaviour” describes the journey that a consumer takes as they research, select, and buy a product or service.

There are many actions that we can consider at this point:

  • Previous experience as a client.
  • Previous purchases
  • Social characteristics
  • Gender/Age
  • Lifestyle
  • Culture
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Beliefs

Eventually, we must understand the behaviour of our clients and their tour in our store to take advantage of this window of opportunity and offer them a unique value proposition and shopping experience.


Why is it important to predict customer behaviour?

Having a data set of sufficient size, we are able to generate personalized recommendations with a high probability of adapting to the preferences of the users.

In Ladorian’s experience, the real time activation of messages based on data causes an increase of sales of up to 30%, but we can also optimize other areas of our business.

  • Reduce customer churn.
  • Identify and target high-value customers.
  • Meet customer demand.
  • Boost store loyalty.
  • Reduce spend on marketing campaigns.
  • Personalize and enhance the customer experience.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Price adjustment and offers in real time.
  • Demand forecasting: Effective management of the supply chain and logistics.
  • Automation of procedures in the store.


Do you want to know how Ladorian can help you predict the behaviour of your customers and design a good intelligent communication strategy at your point of sale?

At Ladorian we suggest contextualizing the data and profile of your customers in real time with the aim of impacting only your target audience in a relevant way, reducing advertising saturation and improving shopping experience.

Ladorian’s Prime Time Algorithm, through its recommendation engine, analyses an infinity of data and information that will produce logical and objective decisions in our marketing strategy at the point of sale.

Are you ready to optimize your company’s communication and capture the attention of your clients to take advantage of the sales opportunities that are generated in your business?

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