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MACCO Robotics and Ladorian join forces to revolutionize the personalization of services through Data

MACCO Robotics, a Sevillian company specialized in the development of humanoid robots for the food tech sector, has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Ladorian in order to anticipate the needs of its customers and enhance the broadcasting of customized content through Ladorian IDS software.

MACCO’s robots are specialized in serving and preparing food and beverages, as well as driving the creation of a better hospitality 4.0 experience in a safe way for customers. The Seville-based company currently develops its robots for individual entrepreneurs and chains (hospitality, catering, gas stations, retail, etc.) that need to optimize their resources and generate extra sales performance from the products served by the robots, but can be trained to operate in any environment and manage all types of tasks.

Thus, through the new alliance, both companies are launching a new product to the market. Macco Robotics’ competitive advantage of being able to work faster and target consumers more effectively, combined with Ladorian’s recommendation engine that increases sales by up to 30%, significantly improves the effectiveness of the offline experience.

In short, the future of physical stores is digitalization and the creation of personalized experiences for visitors. Through new technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and anonymous facial recognition, we can design smart content strategies and better meet the needs of our customers at physical points of sale.

For Victor Martin, CEO of MACCO Robotics, “Our alliance with Ladorian is an exciting challenge of growth and innovation for both companies. In addition, Ladorian’s technology not only brings value to the product and vision of technological development, it guarantees us an increase in sales through customization, an increase in the real experience for our customers”.

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