How to increase sales with an offline recommendation engine

As we have commented on other occasions, the future of physical stores lies in the digitization of stores and the creation of personalized experiences for visitors.

Changes in consumer behavior and expectations have led to a transformation in their purchasing habits and perception of services and products.

Ahora, aspectos como la inmediatez, la experiencia y la personalización resultan fundamentales en esta nueva economía como camino hacia una mejor experiencia del cliente.

But how can we increase sales in physical stores and obtain a positive ROI from our marketing actions? Do you want to know how we can meet this new challenge? We’ll tell you about it!


Recommendation engine: Offer a personalized shopping experience to your visitors

The retail business is constantly changing and with it, its needs.

What used to be innovation is now a must-have, so old retail rules tend to be reformulated to find new ways to keep attracting new customers.

Over the years, we have seen how the experience of industry leaders has led to the revision of old methods such as the 4Ps of marketing(product, price, place and promotion) to give way to the 7Ps of retailing.

The main problem is that nowadays traditional models are not enough to reach our consumers in the right way and we need to introduce many more changes in our marketing strategies at the point of sale.

While there are many factors that influence sales, this time Ladorian wants to talk about product recommendations in particular and how they can help increase sales in retail.

AI-based recommendation engines enable retailers to offer personalized product suggestions using unique data from store locations and point-of-sale information, and anonymously profiling customers.

This system allows us to know the user based on their behavior and predict which products are most relevant for each one.

It is the most effective way to increase sales while improving customer satisfaction and experience in physical stores.

For example, cross-selling (through recommendations of related products) has always been a great strength of e-commerce, but in recent years, technological innovations based on Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence have opened the door to automated product recommendations within physical stores.

Once again, transferring the advantages of the online environment to the real world is key to making a difference, as well as improving your brand image and boosting sales.

Customer Experience Data


Main objectives and advantages of recommendation engines

Continuing to evolve and stay current with the latest technology strategies is crucial to help drive conversions and enhance a retailer’s brand.

While the shopping experience is a combination of several metrics, the main objective to improve it will be to help customers find the product that best suits their needs and facilitate their buying process.

For this reason, understanding customers’ expectations and providing them with product recommendations that match their interests improves the buying process and helps to focus the buyer’s attention solely and exclusively on the products they want.


Benefits of using recommendation engines in point-of-sale marketing strategy

  • Cross-selling of complementary products to your visitors
  • Show recommendations offering social evidence
  • Personalization based on location and time
  • Sell alternative products to your visitors
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Increases customer loyalty


«Physical spaces offer high levels of conversion. Extending and optimizing our customers’ shopping experience in physical spaces increases the effectiveness of strategies in the offline world.»


Our proven technology: Ladorian iDS

To meet these new market requirements, Ladorian has developed a recommendation engine based on Artificial Intelligence that allows us to contextualize data to optimize communication and advertising impacts at the point of sale.

For this reason, we present ourselves as your trusted technology partner.

Our real-time advertising delivers relevant content to our visitors and has proven to increase engagement, customer experience and in-store revenue.

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