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Driving customer experience through personalisation

As a retail shop owner, you probably know that the success of your business depends on the ability to create personalized experiences for both new and existing customers, making the most of the data generated in the offline world to take your business to the next level.

The main problem with this is that developing a strategy to achieve this goal is often not an easy task for busy physical business owners who often struggle to find the time to manage multiple aspects of their business.

But the truth is that today’s customers have higher demands and expectations. They are constantly looking for answers, products and customized solutions to everyday challenges as they face an uncertain world.

This is why improving the customer experience through personalisation should be a priority objective for any organization that wants to win and retain customers.

Here are some of the reasons why a personalized experience is so important to your business and some simple steps you can take to give your customers an experience that will make them ambassadors for your brand.

The importance of the personalized experience in physical shops

Providing seamless, high-end customer service is something that all companies aspire to and strive for. Organizations need to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

Maintaining cordial relationships with customers not only helps the company to gain trust and loyalty, but also helps to acquire more and more customers.

Therefore, in the retail world, it is essential to reach customers in the most efficient way and to offer the specific services they demand.

The whole concept of personalisation revolves around meeting each customer’s expectations.

“Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It is currently the most differentiating aspect of physical business.”

It is a fact that customers are rapidly transforming into savvy shoppers, making customer experience the unique competitive differentiator between brands.

In the face of fierce competition, customer loyalty has become one of the biggest challenges for retailers around the world and brands are continuously looking for different strategies to keep customers engaged.

When executed correctly, personalizing the customer experience can be one of the surest ways to achieve higher returns and ensure user loyalty.

But what are the key benefits of delivering a personalized shopping experience?


Benefits of providing a personalized shopping experience in physical shops

1) Improve customer retention
2) Meet customer expectations
3) Increase average order size
4) Reduce returns
5) Enable faster customer service

In short, it gives you a competitive advantage.

Offering personalized services and customer care differentiates a business from its competitors.

Given the size of the market, there is a great deal of rivalry between companies offering the same products and services.

Every business needs a parameter of differentiation, an identity that makes it a benchmark, a better provider of products and services in its sector.

Customer-centric strategies, real-time communication in physical spaces, developing an omni-channel support experience through rich context can demonstrate that companies have an edge over others.


Effective CX is based on data

Creating a personalized, relevant, timely and consistent customer experience across all channels may seem complex.

But for Ladorian the key is to start with data.

Unified and enhanced data, segmented and leveraged in the right way, is the key to unlocking the path to designing and delivering quality customer experiences that drive economic growth and business impact.

Especially in times of uncertainty, customer experience is key to securing the loyalty and trust of your customers by understanding their deepest needs, wants and concerns.

That’s why having a customer-centric strategy based on the right data and technology is key to truly knowing your customers and creating a unique, personalized view of the customer.

Customize the service in a way that really serves the customer

Whatever your solution for delivering personalized customer service, the key is to focus on the customer.

The messages and offers you send should be relevant, useful and real-time. 

Offering personalized services with real value can build brand loyalty; otherwise, your messages may be identified as “spam”. 

At Ladorian, we design omni-channel marketing strategies that put the customer at the center and through our AI-powered recommendation engine we target each user in a personalized way across different channels.

Our technology is designed to leverage data from physical shops to achieve greater relevance and personalisation through offers that will drive your sales.

Are you ready to capture the attention of your consumers and enhance your customers experience in physical spaces? Contact our sales team and get in touch with one of our experts free of charge.

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