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Boost your conversion through digital transformation

Most retailers already know that marketing at the point of sale, in different formats such as labels, packaging and billboards, is the fastest and easiest way to get a message across to your potential customers without the need for you to be present.

The main problem with this in an increasingly competitive environment is that while many people adopt a style that is too communicative, sometimes even aggressive, other sellers know how to seduce their customers, activating the feeling of purchase and the desire to acquire products or services.

Posters and signs have been a main element in business for decades.

However, technological innovation and consumer behavior are evolving by leaps and bounds.

Users today have a plethora of purchasing options in a highly competitive retail market and will quickly explore an alternative for their purchases if a brand does not meet their expectations.

For this reason, companies around the world are optimizing communication in physical stores, placing the customer at the center, asking the right questions at the right time, and awakening in them the need to buy.

But… How can we carry out all this process in real time?

For example, through interactive showcases, advertising LED screens, digital information panels, virtual catalogs, etc. system feeders that can process and analyze data in real time.

What type of signage should retailers use and why? We tell you!

Although the traditional signage model was very successful for a long period of time due to the low penetration of digital systems, today digital signage allows us to carry out real-time communication that is much more precise and profitable.

The challenge: Association of the world On and OFF through digital advertising

While years ago, billboards and digital storefronts used to be something people associated with places like Times Square in New York or Shinjuku in Tokyo primarily, retailers are realizing the potential of digital signage in all kinds of locations.

Currently, when designing new advertising campaigns, entrepreneurs and marketing directors have to make an important decision regarding what type of signage to invest in and which is more profitable for their brands: traditional signage vs. digital signage.

But what is the digital mailroom and why does it bring so many benefits to retailers?


Benefits of digital signage vs traditional signage

Also known as Digital Signage, it is the term we use to refer to digital devices that emit visual content for commercial purposes, and there are progressively more spaces, in which we could previously find traditional signage, and today they opt for digital advertising screens that offer more dynamic, more relevant content and, above all, in real time.

In general terms, digital signage systems at the point-of-sale fulfill the same function as traditional signage; a space from where we send messages to potential buyers in our physical stores.

The main difference? The relevance and impact of our messages and the improvement in the experience of our clients.

Compared to the traditional, which is static and very expensive to modify, digital signage offers much more dynamism and effectiveness depending on the moment and the needs of users.

Does your ad have to be the same at all times? At Ladorian we think not.

If the public of your business changes depending on the moment, the day or other factors, your advertising must also change, that is, digital signage must not only be dynamic, but must also offer the most appropriate content depending on the target or consumers that exist at that precise moment.

This new concept based on data analysis, artificial intelligence and other technologies is what we call Intelligent Digital Signage or Smart Digital Signage.

In just 5 years, digital signage has managed to become an industry that is growing globally at a rate rarely seen in retail thanks to constant innovation and increased conversion at the point of sale.

Marketing en Punto de Venta

How to increase store conversion through smart digital signage?

The comprehensive digitization process that we are witnessing has caused the client to go from having a single channel to thinking in an omnichannel way. For this reason, it is more important than ever to use all the information from offline data and turn it into valuable information to make business decisions.

By putting our client at the center and through the use of data we can create physical experiences in a personalized way around their main tastes and needs through different advertising media.

Briefly, it is about taking the customer experience towards a complete omnichannel (ON/OFF) eliminating the points of friction between the different factors in the retail ecosystem.

For all this, the use of digital signage is the most powerful way to improve the customer experience in the store. Retail digital signage can be used for:

  • Promote deals and display pricing information
  • Highlight the benefits of using your products/services
  • Provide information on key product features and functionality
  • To educate or inspire your viewers or customers
  • To simplify processes in the store
  • To inform customers
  • Turn queues into upsell opportunities
  • Help make purchasing decisions
  • Attract customers to the store
  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Modernize the in-store experience

Custom signage at the point of sale

Now, thanks to Ladorian’s recommendation engine, implementing an intelligent communication strategy at your physical point of sale – combining on and off information strategies – is possible through innovative data-driven techniques that allow us to create personalized content in real time in order to boost sales and the image of your business.

At Ladorian we drive your business through data, enhancing the relationship with your customers in a personalized way. We turn data into knowledge to design marketing strategies in real time and increase the effectiveness of messages by up to 30% in physical spaces.

Our specialized team will advise and accompany you throughout the process, guaranteeing its success and profitability thanks to our CMS software and our experience in helping businesses like yours.

Ask us for information without obligation!

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